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Luscious Lips!


You don't have to be born with full, plump lips ... they're easy to come by, whether you visit a cosmetic or plastic surgeon for injectable dermal fillers or apply one of the latest lip-plumping ingredients yourself.

There are many options for women who want a perfect pout. Long-lasting solutions with little down time are in demand and now it's possible to achieve luscious lips with nothing more than a few injections.

With full lips, you can wear trendy glosses without the fear of them bleeding or accentuating lines, as your voluminous lips will remove creases.
If you've never tried an appearance enhancement treatment, this is a great way to test the waters. Here are some of the most popular and proven methods.

Injectable treatments

Collagen (bovine based)
Since the 1980s, injectable collagen has been used as a soft-tissue filler. Collagen is a naturally occurring protein that supports various parts of the body, including skin and joints. The injectable collagen is made from purified cow skin which fills wrinkles, lines and scars. The first two types of injectable collagen were Zyderm(r) and Zyplast(r). The primary risk of these forms of injectable collagen is allergic reaction, so patch tests are required before treatment.

Bio-engineered human collagen

Collagen from human cells can be synthetically grown in a laboratory. Called Cymetra(r) (micronised alloderm), its major advantage is that it does not pose the risk of allergic reaction, and it lasts a little longer than traditional collagen treatments.
This injectable human-tissue collagen matrix is derived from cadaver tissue, screened for contamination. An excellent filler for lips, bruising can occur and multiple treatments might be needed.

Hyaluronic acid gel

Hyaluronic acid exists naturally in all living organisms and is a natural component of connective tissue, including the skin. This is a non-animal derived hyaluronic acid. Coming in a gel, it combines with water to add volume to the skin folds and lips. It frequently induces inflammation in the injected area for a few hours. However when used in the lips, it can produce longer-lasting swelling and tenderness. The gel seems to last longer than other hyaluronic preparations and patch-testing is not needed.


A soft-tissue filler made of synthetic hyaluronic acid, it adds volume to minimise wrinkles and plump lips. As the substance occurs naturally in humans, allergic reactions are rare.


Hyaluronic acid is extracted from rooster combs, although most preparations are now synthetically produced. This is a soft-tissue filler which adds volume to lines or lips. Redness and swelling can occur and it has a higher rate of allergic reaction. It lasts three to six months.

DIY treatments

If you don't want to be injected but still want fuller lips, try one of the excellent lip-plumping products

Liquid plumpers

There are several lip plumping products on the market, some that work better than others.
If you are not a fan of lipstick, then Liquid Kiss is perfect for you. It is a liquid, gloss-like product that contains vitamins A, C and B and Shea Butter.

Niacin, a vitamin B derivative, is an active ingredient that increases blood supply to the lips creating a plumping effect. The full effect is reached within 15 to 30 minutes and lasts for three to six hours. It also hydrates and conditions the lips and can be applied as often as you wish.

Cream plumpers

A new product on the market is Vo-lip-tuous. The active ingredient Ceremida III works on the lips' collagen. When used over a 30-day period, it increase lip volume up to 40 per cent. Both Liquid Kiss and Vo-lip-tuous are available in clear or fashion colours.

Lip-treatment packs

For smokers and for people whose lips have lost their lustre and volume, there is Lip Spa. This is a four-step treatment process that works on improving the condition of the lips, with the added benefit of plumping ingredients.

Article submitted by the Association of Professional Aestheticians of Australia.

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