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Male Makeovers

Dr Sawjin Tew

The most popular procedures for males
Eyelid rejuvenation surgery 

For both men and women, eyelid rejuvenation surgery continues to be popular, where excess skin on the upper eyelids is removed. 

This is another popular procedure for males, usually targeting the abdomen or upper back (love handles).


Gynaecomastia (more commonly known as ‘man boobs’) can be an embarrassing condition for young men. Patients who have this surgery want good chest shape and minimal scarring. 

If gynaecomastia occurs in puberty due to hormonal changes, it is usually reversible and resolves by late teens. 

If gynaecomastia persists, one needs to exclude medical causes such as liver disease, lung cancer, colon or prostate cancers, thyroid disease, or testosterone imbalance.  The underlying medical causes will need treatment first. 
However, in the majority of cases, an underlying cause is not found and is arising spontaneously.

Once a patient makes the decision to seek treatment, the most suitable procedure to treat it depends on whether it is mostly fatty or glandular tissue in the male breast, and whether there is excess skin. 

Where the skin excess is minimal and there is good elasticity in the skin, and if the gynaecomastia comprises mainly fatty tissue, then liposuction would be the most suitable option. Liposuction uses tiny access incisions that leave scars that are hardly visible. 

Where the gynaecomastia consists of glandular tissue, then excision of the gland - usually via an incision at the inferior edge of the areola - would be a suitable procedure. This scar heals very well and is easy to hide.

If there is severe excess skin, then the excess skin will not shrink adequately after the gland is excised. Removing the excess skin will leave a scar on the chest wall. 

Sometimes, the procedure is staged over two sessions. In the first session, liposuction can be used to remove the fatty gynaecomastia. If the skin left behind does not shrink adequately - especially in the older male patient - then it may be excised at a later stage.

After liposuction or surgery to remove the gland, it is essential a compression garment is worn for several weeks to encourage the swelling to decrease and the skin to shrink, so the chest gains a firmer and tighter appearance. For the first week after the operation, drains are sometimes used to carry away any excess blood or fluid produced by the body in response to surgery. 

Patients are advised to avoid upper body exercise for about three weeks so the skin of the chest wall has a chance to adhere to its new position on the muscle of the chest wall.

The procedure is tailored to the individual patient. Realistic outcomes, sequelae of surgery and risks are discussed during the consultation. 

Out-of-trend procedures for males 

Browlift surgery

Anti-wrinkle injections are becoming more popular instead. 

Face lifts and neck lifts

This is due to the availability of fillers and fat injections for facial lines and volume rejuvenation. Patients are looking at non-surgical rejuvenation earlier in life, and continuing with lifelong maintenance therapy.

Facelift in males are associated with more risk of bleeding, because of the rich vascularity of the beard area. 

Unusual procedures requested by males

Phalloplasty – or penile surgery – can improve both the appearance and function of the penis. It is suitable for men who’ve been born with an unusually small penis, who have suffered trauma, or who simply wish to make their penis larger.

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