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Weighing In

Dr John Kippen

Liposuction is a procedure where fat cells are removed from the body by suction. Hollow metal tubes, canulae, with blunt tips, have sharp holes near the end. Suction draws the fat into theses holes and the sharp edges shear the fat that is then removed. It is a permanent removal of fat cells. Subsequent weight gain enlarges the remaining fat cells.

Depending on the volume of fat to be removed the procedure can be performed in room, day surgery or hospitals with an over-night stay. Bigger procedures require a general anaesthetic. Local anaesthetic is always used. This combination reduces the amount of general required, means there is less discomfort when completed and when combined with small amounts of adrenaline, causes narrowing of the blood vessels which helps reduce bruising.

Ultra-sound assisted liposuction uses special probes, these tips break down the fatty tissue before it is removed. It is very useful in fibrous area especially the back.

Liposuction requires injections of local anaesthetic, injections, surgical cuts or incisions to introduce the probes and may require a general anesthetic. It is considered a surgical procedure with all the associated risks especially bleeding, bruising, infection, scarring as an example.

Cool-sculpting is a well researched, safe and effective alternative has been shown to have very favourable results without surgery, minimal down time, no anaesthetic and no incisions. Procedures are performed in the rooms thereby reducing the costs of day surgeries or hospitals.. Research has shown that fat cells freeze before other tissue such as skin and muscle. These fat cells then die or rupture. Gradually over three months the lymphatic system clears them from the body. This is a normal response to cells that die within the body. There has been shown to be no change to the liver, liver function enzymes and blood levels of fat or lipids or cholesterol.

Applicators with suction draw the fat and skin into a cup. Here may be a sensation of pulling or traction. The tissue is then cooled for an hour. There may be a feeling of cold. Once the suction is released the tissue is massaged. At times this may be uncomfortable for a short while. That is the treatment completed. A reliable reduction in volume of 20-30 per cent occurs. Treatments can be repeated as required to remove larger amounts or multiple areas. Common side effects are bruising, swelling, mild discomfort and there may be tingling. This is a permanent removal of fat cells.

Because there is no surgery, no hospital or day surgery, no anaesthetist or surgeon it is very cost effective compared to liposuction. Treating an abdomen by liposuction takes about 90 minutes and may require a day surgery and general anaesthetics, comparing this cost to the cost of four cool-sculpting treatments cool-sculpting is about half the cost with far less risks and down-time.

Necks, chins, arms, male breast tissue, abdomens (tummy), bra folds (front and back), backs, love-handles, medial thighs, lateral thighs, knees and other areas can be treated.

As this is a relatively new procedure we are offering complimentary consults. From a cost, safety, side effect, recovery and down-time perspective we would encourage anyone considering liposuction to explore this option.


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