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If you are one of the millions of Australians who has watched any season of The Biggest Loser, Shannan Ponton will be a household name. This year, he graces our screens for his 10th season on the popular show - and says throughout the years he's seen some huge shocks, triumphs and tribulations.

"In Season 7, we had 29-year-old Ryan Preuss as a contestant who initially weighed in at over 240kgs - the heaviest contestant in the history of the show anywhere in the world.

Before he came in, every meal he ate was like a kids' birthday party - lollies, litres of soft drink, chocolates, fried food..." the Curl Curl local recalls.

"In Season 6, we had a 56-year-old contestant - Bob

Herdsman - he was the oldest competitor in the show's history at the time. He had the biggest transformation I'd ever seen, losing a whopping 87.6kg (over 50 per cent of his original body weight). To this day, he's kept it off?”

This season sees a massive change for the show, which usually is all about just “losing weight every single week - otherwise you're eliminated... and I think this was maybe taking weight loss too far," Shannon reflects. "This new The Biggest Loser is a show I've always dreamed about making.

The series has now been brought into where fitness is at now - into the modern age of fitness, where it's all about wellness in the mind, body and spirit," the professional boxer explains.

“The Biggest Loser concentrated more on weight loss, but The Biggest Loser. Transformed really is about making dramatic transformations from the inside out.

"For me, fitness has never been about if you're a size 22 or 12 -it's all about your mind. That's what I find most exciting. Training is a vehicle to access people's minds to see what's going on."

While Shannan says he does practise what he preaches in regards to food intake and fitness. he is “no angel".

“I drink a couple of beers most nights... and I have a few more than that usually on the weekend at the Harbord Beach Hotel or The Newport. I've never been that 'holier than though’ personal trainer. I'm not perfect“ he reveals.

This season, the show was filmed once again at North Head in Manly, and as a Northern Beaches Iocal, Shannan couldn't be happier.

“What do I like about the peninsula? Everything," he simply states.

“It’s absolute paradise - the cafes, the beaches, the perks.. it's the perfect place to bring up my young family.“

And yes, the fitness aspect does come into it.

“There are so many activities you can become involved in - we really are spoilt for choice. From martial arts to boxing, ballet, stand up paddle boardling and surfing, to the beautiful walks we have and the variety of team sports. So no one really has an excuse not to exercise down this way, do they?”


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