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Lisa in the limelight

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Known to the North Shore through her role as Bianca on Home and Away, Lisa Gormley has returned to her theatrical origins, currently gracing the Ensemble Theatre stage as Alice in Odd Man Out. Written by the acclaimed playwright David Williamson, Odd Man Out is a love story with a twist. "The play is fantastic," Lisa says. "It's an unconventional love story that's very relevant to our time... it has a lot of laughs." The actress describes her character as "a bit fiery and a bit romantic - kind of like me!"

Lisa is no stranger to Kirribilli's Ensemble Theatre, previously performing in productions such as Other Desert Cities in 2014 and Ladies in Lavender in 2015. “At the Ensemble, you collaborate with industry greats,” she reflects. “The theatre's also got a beautiful history to it, and it's a family oriented environment… It feels like you're going home every time you go to work which is lovely."

Lisa insists theatre was a vital stepping stone in her career. "I started doing community theatre when I was young. I'm an only child so it was really nice to have a bunch of people that were willing to play the same game as me," she laughs. "The thing I enjoy the most about acting is working as a team and making friends."

Working on Home and Away, Lisa says cooperation and comradely continued to drive her. "I still go back every now and again. I just love the people there that I got to work with. I'm very lucky to have had that experience," she reflects.

Through her frequent visits to Kirribilli, the star has developed a love affair with the North Shore. "I'm a big fan of the empty beaches and the space. The nature side of it attracts me very much," the actress says. Lisa has a passion for the environment and her own health.

"I love working in cities, but I love leaving them even more,"she states. "During filming, if I can fit yoga, a nap and vegetables in, I'm happy. It's not easy to find a balance, but you get better at it as you get older. I think that's what ageing's for -you start practicing these things and close the gap between the two worlds."

In terms of advice for aspiring actors, Lisa encourages perseverance and solid principles. 'Keep your value system strong. Fame isn't a good goal to have - I think creating good work is a good goal to have. I think fame should be a by-product of hard work, and the only way to work hard at something is to be passionate about it."


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