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Wish list: A tight bum, toned thighs and a flat stomach



Ask any woman, What areas of your body are you most unhappy with? and nine times out of 10 she will reply, My bum, thighs and stomach. So what's the solution? Steve Grant reports.

Women are genetically predisposed to depositing fat around the bum and thighs, especially when they reach their mid 40s due to hormonal changes.

A tip for a great bum, stomach and thighs is lowering body fat. The problem with most diets or weight loss programs is that they only focus on lowering total energy consumption, rather than following macronutrients targets specifically calculated for the different body shapes. When you diet by reducing your total energy consumption rather than aiming for your specific carbohydrate, protein and fat targets, its like playing pin the tail on the donkey.

Three common problems with weight loss programs that simply involve eating fewer calories are:

Failure to consume adequate protein

Result: muscle tissue fails to grow and repair.


  • Muscle tissue will breakdown, causing your metabolism to slow down.
  • You lose size but you fail to change shape, so the result tends to be “from big and round to small and round”.
  • You feel sore after every session and you dont feel like exercising.
  • You waste time and effort exercising, because your body cannot respond.
  • When you lose weight the skin on your face and neck loses elasticity and you get more wrinkles.

Failure to consume adequate carbohydrates

Result: Lack of energy.


  •  Inability to concentrate at work.
  • Unmotivated to exercise.
  • Constantly craving sugar and always hungry.
  • Become sensitive to carbs and stack on weight when reintroducing normal food.
  • Failure to consume adequate good fats


Result: The body stores fat and refuses to burn fat for energy


Impact: -
  • Additional exercise is pointless.
  • Increased fat deposits around the abdomen.
  • Hair and nails become brittle.
  • Reduced libido and overall mood.


Summary – To tone up your bum, thighs and stomach you need to lower your total body fat. Calculate your daily food targets and stick to them.


Targeting those stubborn areas


When you have lowered your body fat percentage, your muscle tone becomes visible. Include these three resistance exercises two to three times per week (three sets of 10 repetitions) until you have buns of steel -

Butt – The Bosu squat

Thighs – The Free Form lunge

Stomach – The Swizz Ball Crunch


If you're looking for a new way to get fit, speak to the team at Step Into Life on the Northern Beaches. For more information check their website out here - 



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