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Yoga: Salute to the Moon for inner calm


In my last article I presented Salute to the Sun – a sequence of 12 flowing, systematically balanced movements, symbolically offering reverence to the sun as the highest concept of life giving energy.

Salute to the Moon, also known as Salute to Inner Calm, is another beautiful sequence of 12 movements. It stimulates each system of the body – circulatory, respiratory, digestive, eliminative, muscular, lymphatic, glandular and nervous, also exercising the joints. Salute to the Moon however stimulates softer, moon like qualities, such as serenity, calmness, introspection, reflection and harmony.

As it is performed in a kneeling position the movements are smaller, achieving internal concentration and focus. It can therefore be used before stressful situations such as exams, job interviews and decision making to settle the mind. Salute to the Moon is also excellent to do prior to meditation, or simply, just to encourage a good nights sleep!

Hold each movement for up to 4 deep breaths and optimally, repeat the entire sequence 3 times.

  1. Sit on heels. Hands in prayer position. Breathe slowly. Become centred
  2. Keeping palms together raise arms overhead, keeping elbows bent. Observe breathing in the chest.
  3. Straighten elbows, stretch body upwards. Imagine energy flowing up and down spine from base to fingertips.
  4. Tilt body forward, raise hips, bring hands onto floor, fingers in a diamond shape and place forehead on diamond. Rest and breathe.
  5. Straighten arms toward you. Lift head and feel straight line of spine. Imagine energy flowing from mother earth, up palms, to head, down spine to feet.
  6. Lift arms above head palms flat together. Imagine breathing in strength from the universe, into fingertips, to spine, down to toes.
  7. Bring hands down to prayer position, pointing fingertips to the point between eyes This is known as our third eye – our seat of innate wisdom and intuition. Imagine sending this point energy from the fingertips.
  8. Lower hands and chin.
  9. Bend forward onto forehead bringing hands down, palms up beside feet. Breathe deeply and relax.
  10. Raise hips, roll onto crown of head – this is known as our place of spirituality connecting us to all living things. Be aware of a feeling of harmony.
  11. Come back onto heels slowly raising the head and finishing in prayer position.

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