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Weddings on a budget




It is easy to get carried away when planning a wedding and, before you know it, youve spent way more than you budgeted for. Here are some tips to save cash without too much compromise.


A wedding is about sharing the most important day of your life with friends and family, but hosting a celebration means dipping into your pocket to the tune of more than $28,000 on average. Taking a few shortcuts before you say “I do”, can help you stretch your wedding budget, while still enjoying a memorable day.


The number of guests you invite will directly impact on the overall cost, so be fussy about who you want to share your big day with. The time of year will also affect the cost with November to March being the busiest. Choose a less busy period to negotiate better prices and avoid Saturdays – the most popular day for a wedding.


When it comes to food and drink, consider your alternatives. A hot or cold buffet will set you back less than a three course affair. People are usually inclined to eat and drink less at lunchtime so a late morning ceremony could help save hundreds of dollars. Serve the wedding cake as dessert. Place a time limit or dollar amount on the open bar or opt for two or three drinks guests can choose from.


When choosing the bridal attire opt for an evening dress that can be worn again or sell your gown straight away to recoup up to 50 per cent of the cost. Dont get sucked into buying wedding things that are overpriced. Think about do-it-yourself options or call on your talented friends or family to contribute.


Get a creative friend to make or design your wedding invitations. Ask your guests to provide you with their digital snaps and create your own photobook to save a fortune on the cost of photography. Who in your circle is musical or good with hair and make-up? Who has a nice car?


Remember, in these tough economic times many things are negotiable, so try for a bargain and you might just get it!


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