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On February 5 from 10am - 2pm, dogs, cats, and even guinea pigs and rabbits who are in need of a home will descend on the 120 PETstock stores across Australia. This includes the four based on the Northern Beaches, located in Mona Vale, Belrose, Balgowlah and Brookvale.

"National Pet Adoption Day involves all PETstock stores working with a variety of groups around their local area in an effort to raise awareness in the community about pet adoption," explains Jessica Guilfoyle, PETstock's charity and events coordinator.

"There are just so many animals out there that require adoption. Every year, approximately 230,000 healthy pets remain unclaimed in Australia's shelters. By organising and promoting adoption events, we can give rescue pets from local organisations the perfect opportunity to meet forever families."

Jessica adds, "We are trying to break down the stigma that animals who have been put up for adoption are less lovable than brand new pets. People sometimes unfortunately think that these animals are 'worse than' getting a brand new, sparkly, shiny pet."

One such charity who has benefited in the past from the day and the constant support of PETstock is CatRescue 901.

"We give cats a chance that they would not have on the streets," sums up Jenny Storaker, the co-director of the peninsula-based charity. "I know it sounds silly, but cats are very much the underdog of companion animals when it comes to impounding and there are high kill rates in NSW. Through local PETstock's ongoing support, in just 18 months, 45 cats have been rehomed."

And there's a special story to go with this fantastic news."We once found a tiny, emaciated kitten born with no eyes, who we named Elsa. She has a head wobble and turns in circles sometimes, both due to slight brain injury, yet she was given the go-head to be rehomed," Jenny says. "We have rehomed about 12 blind cats and many one-eyed cats, but this is the first time I've seen a cat born without eyes."

Jenny says the National Pet Adoption Day will once again "give the public a chance to see a bunch of cats and kittens, providing them with an option to adopt. It gives peninsula locals the chance to talk to us about all things cats and CatRescue 901. It's a great day."

Another organisation set to show off their wonderful animals needing to be rehomed is Animal Welfare League NSW, based in Ingleside.

Last year on the adoption day, peninsula local Katherine Colgan was lucky enough to find the perfect four-legged friend.

"My husband and I wanted to add to our family, so we went to the PETstock at Brookvale last year to enquire and meet the dogs," Katherine says.

"We fell in love with a Maltese terrier cross named Chisel and set out to adopt him, which we were successful in doing. Chisel is now a wonderful addition to our family - we couldn't imagine life without him!"

While Katherine says the adoption process was quite strict, she acknowledges that it's great the rescue centres are making certain each animal is going to a good home.

So on February 5, why not drop in for some cuddles, have a chat with a rescue representative, and find out how you can make a lifesaving difference to rescue pets in need?


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