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Ocean BLUES!

Think Local

Finding music by the ocean Peninsular songstress Joanne Papworth often visits the beaches of Manly or Dee Why, with her notepad in hand, capturing new lyrics for her next jazz melody.

   Writing about nature's surrounding beauty, life experience, world events and the like, Jeanne has just released her now album Ocean Blues, a mixture of blues, jazz and ballads.

  The album, a compilation of 13 original songs which Jeanne totally composed and wrote the lyrics for, is a collaboration of local Sydney talent including the smooth vocals of Channel 9's The Voice mentor Marty Worrall the velvety tones of Joanna Melas who performs at the Dee Why RSL and the sassy jazz voice of Linda Wood.

  Of producer Phil Tweed, whose voice is also featured on the album, Jeanne says, “his keyboard/piano and producing talents are really amazing. He is wonderful to work oath and has been faithful to the songs, maintaining the melody and lyrics as I wrote all of them, and enhancing the final product by inviting the best musicians in NSW to accompany us.

   The musicians featured on Ocean Blues are Dieter Kleemann on guitar, Craig Walters on saxophone, David Pudney on double bass, Mitch Farmer on drums and Phil Tweed on keyboards. Jeanne says, "everyone on the Album deserves equal credit as they are all professionals.” Like many artists, Jeanne reveals lyrics, themes and titles for songs can occur to her anywhere, anytime, and the listens to a wide range of music including otd Frank Sinatra songs, Louis Armstrong, Eric Clapton, Taylor Swift, Pharrell Williams and, "anything with a rock ‘n’roll beat style?,”

  One of the album's songs, Woman of the World, was only written the night before the recording sessions began, but Producer Phil managed to include it on the last minute.

   “Its not a protest song,” she claims, 'but just one for the girls.” Jeanne was born in LiverpooL England, at the same hospital as Beatle John Lennon, and last year had her single CD, Liver Bird - written about the city - aired on BBC Merseyside Radio.

  Describing the peninsular as an exciting place for the music scene, especially due to its eclectic mix of venues for live performing, Jeanne believes the surroundings and coast inspire creativity. "There really is music in the ocean, you know," she says, as depicted in the song Ocean Blues adding she has, "music going on around in my head most of the time." And on that note she leaves for a walk by the ocean.

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