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How we’re spending Christmas Day

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The Buckler family

"My brother Phil and I go over to Mum and Dad's house in Mona Vale in the afternoon where our dad always greets us at the front door with a glass of champagne.

After all the presents are opened, it's time for dinner. The spread consists of a pineapple-glazed ham, a turkey, veggies, an Irish black and white pudding.

"Plus, there is no short supply of chocolates, mince pies, and other nibbles!" Bronwyn adds.

While Christmas will be a bit smaller this year, with Bronwyn's grandpa passing away, Phil just proposed to his girlfriend, so Bronwyn says "It will be lovely welcoming her officially to our Christmas Day as a new part of the family - we can't wait."

Lisa, Courtney and Erin with their grandparents Felicity and Tano

"Christmas Eve is spent with my dad's side of the family - there's usually about 30 of us." Lisa tells Peninsula Living. And because the Oliveiro family is so multicultural. Singaporean cuisine, European food and a big BBQ is always served for dinner.

“'Then it's time for Secret Santa. We each donate $30 to a certain charity on behalf of another member of the family and my grandfather sits and listens to Bing Crosby,” the peninsula local explains.

Christmas Day for Lisa and her two sisters is spent at their mum's place. "We wake up early to open presents, and then we eat for six hours.” Lisa says, “It's such a lovely time of year as we get to see the whole family, which we don't get to do as often as we'd like.”

Vibha Anand and Anand Prakash

"Christmas is not traditionally a Hindu festival, but in our family, we've always celebrated this global holiday," Palm Beach local Anand explains. “When the kids were young, we had our little traditions of narrating Santa tales to our youngest daughter - who is now 27 years old!"

Anand adds, Our two children have grown up and now live overseas - it's just myself and my wife. We still have a big dinner at home with friends around the area. My wife makes incredible gulab jamun (an Indian dessert), so that's our version of a pudding on Christmas night.

Our girls Skype us, which always makes things a little nostalgic. But it's nice to continue celebrating a holiday that has never been part of our culture," Anand sums up.

Rhiannon Coulton and her brothers Matt and Charlie

"If it's hot on Christmas Day, my dad's side of the family will head to the beach after breakfast," Rhiannon says. "To be honest it's usually a bit of a struggle to get up as my brother and I usually over-celebrate on Christmas Eve..." she adds.

"In the afternoon, we have a big feed with my mum's side of the family. My grandparents love it as it gets us all under the same roof."

The Dee Why local says this year, she hopes the family will have seafood on the menu, but it's usually quite a traditional spread for lunch - turkey, ham and pork. "All the kids fight over the cracking each year without fail" she laughs.

"I love Christmas as I love seeing how happy my grandparents are. Having the family all together means the world to them, so that's the most important thing to me."

Natalie Gafa and Brad McDermott

"My fiancé and my festive season this year will be a bit different - I'll be doing summer school at Macquarie University so that I can finish my accounting degree," Natalie explains. "It'll be pretty intense - I'll be cramming 13 weeks' worth of material into five weeks!"

However, Natalie will make sure she has at least one day off studying during the festive season - Christmas Day.

"Brad and I will spend it at my parents' place, and then in the evening we'll meet up with a close group of friends to celebrate."

She says Christmas lunch is as low maintenance as possible.

"Depending on the weather, it is usually a mix of salads, quiches and potatoes, and my dad likes to always make sure that his homegrown produce, like sundried tomatoes, are somehow incorporated into the Christmas lunch."

If it's not too hot, Natalie and her family have a traditional roast - "and mum makes a mean Yorkshire pudding!" she smiles.


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