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Mental health issues are the biggest killer for males in Australia, with an average six out of every eight suicides each day in our country being men. 
However, North Shore local Terry Cornick is on a crusade to change that with 'Mr Perfect' - a mental health support network for men and their families. 
As well as a website and Facebook group, the new dad holds free Mr Perfect casual gatherings once a month where men meet up for a sausage sizzle and a chat. The first North Shore meet is in Chatswood on November 5 from 11am to 1pm. 
"My vision is to transform men's mental health by making it a comfortable discussion," he tells North Shore Living. 
"At our BBQs, we facilitate conversation and connection through authentic personal stories, education and interaction in a safe, non-judgemental way.

"It's not an Alcoholics Anonymous-type meeting, so no one is under any pressure to tell their story. The format is simple, informal and completely inclusive, and can include an activity and educational talk from a mental health professional," Terry explains. 
"It's also a chance to get out of the house in the sun, socialise, meet some great people and form a supportive community. Partners, families, friends and pets are also welcome," 
he adds. After more than 15 years struggling with his mental health, Terry started writing a blog in 2014 for self-therapy. It grew legs when he established the monthly meet ups, which usually have an average of 20 to 25 attendees. 
"I started the meet ups because I realised there was little support for men before going to get professional help from a doctor or mental health professional, which is only a part of the whole umbrella of strategies needed to ensure good mental health," he concedes. 
"Around the same time, I read a report by beyondblue [an organisation aimed at providing individuals with knowledge and skills to protect their mental health] about the decline of men's 'connectedness'. I then had a frank, open chat with two close mates about my own struggles. They didn't run away but revealed their own battles, and I realised we needed less judgement around these conversations and a true supportive community for men." 
Males who attend three meet ups in a row receive a free t-shirt that says 'Mr Perfect' in big, bold letters, which often raises eyebrows. 
"When I wear mine, people stop me in the street and they wink or make smart comments like, 'Oh, you think you're Mr Perfect do you?' But they haven't read the small writing underneath saying 'mental health's mate'," Terry smiles. 
"Now, I have the same autopilot dad joke and tell them, 'My wife doesn't think so!" 

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