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OIi and younger brother Louis were on a family holiday in France when they named their band.

   "Our last name is Leimbach and we were at a music festival called 'Music Cordiale' - so we joked if we start a band we should call it Lime Cordiale and the name has stuck," explains Oli.

   "We’ve regretted it ever since," laughs Louis.

  It is clear from the outset that the Pittwater pair are well grounded. When Peninsula Living meets them at Newport Beach, they are extremely affable; they follow our photographer’s instructions without fuss;and thank us for the chance to share their story.

   That story begins just up the road at Bilgola, where they were regularly subjected to the "embarrassing family dinner duet". Their mother is a cellist and music teacher, so the boys have been plucking strings and reading sheet music for as long as they can remember.

  They then went through Pittwater High, where they continued their music development before starting to gig locally.

   “In 2010, we started playing at LA Bar in Avalon - we would get paid in free beer, and pack the place out with all our mates,”Oli says.

    “Before that we were an acoustic duo, but when we got to LA Bar, we had to be heard over the drunken, loud crowd and get people dancing, so we started playing with guitar amps and got a drummer on board and Louis started playing electric base."

   Their following has grown exponentially since those days at LA Bar, and then Mona Vale Hotel and Manly. Not only do they have their huge local fan base, but they have been playing gigs all over Australia and even toured the United States.

    Not bad for a band that is still yet to release their first album.

     "That has always been our aim, to be travelling and playing music and we're doing that now," smiles Ofi.

     "We sold out shows in Seattle and Portland and played at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin Texas, which was crazy," Louis adds.

    "I mean we played at The Crocodile in Seattle, where bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam have played. It's incredible sitting in the band room and thinking 'Kurt Cobain probably vomited on this seat'," Oli laughs.

    They have produced three EPs (shortened albums) and their latest Road to Paradise has been gaining traction both locally and in the UK.

   "That's why as soon as we finish the album, we'll do a big tour in Europe," Oli continues.

   But in the mean time, they are focussed on putting on a show for their loyal Northern Beaches' fans at the Party in the Park at Rat Park on March 19.

   And one thing you can expect from Lime Cordiale, if you head to Narrabeen for the festival is the unexpected.

  “Our music is always changing and we try and make our shows different every time just like a party to make sure people have a good time. So it's always fresh and interesting,” Oh says.

   "We have taken a long time to find our sound, but essentially we are a Pop Indy band, which draws influences from soul and psych bands like Tame Impala and Pond.

   "I mean we listen to everything from Ray Charles to Buena Vista Social Club to Reggae bands, and even Amy Winehouse and Taylor Swift!"

   Make sure you get down to Rat Park next month to see a local band on the verge of international stardom.

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