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Valentine’s Day On the beaches

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   Valentine's Day is traditionally a chance to show your partner how much you love them, which is great for those in relationships but maybe a little depressing for the singles out there. In saying that, there are also many couples who reject the concept, saying 'Every day should be Valentine's Day' or at least 'Affection should not be confined to one day of the year. So with all this differing opinion on the annual calendar fixture, we visited Pittwater, Warringah and Manly to see what you all thought.

Natalie and Marcus, visiting Freshwater from the UK

 We have a tradition actually. It's pretty unusual in the UK but maybe not over here, but we buy a couple of lobsters for dinner and spend the night in.

Katie from Newport

  At the moment it looks like I'll be eating ice-Cream from the tub and swiping left!

Steve from Faidlght

  I’ll probably go for a beer with my single mates, should be a good Sunday session.

Emlllano, who owns a cafe in Btookvale

  My wife and two girls will take me out. Nothing beats a Sunday with family.

Tom from Newport

  I’ll just be chilling out with mates,go to the beach or something, nothing special.

Alex from Manly

  My husband and I will go camping up the coast. Somewhere we can surf and spend some quality time together.  

Natalie and Remy from Bilgola

  We’ll just have family time….sit out on the deck of our house and eat home-made pizzas.

Jess from Wahroonga and Taylor from Avalon

  Jess: I have a new boyfriend so I’m expecting big things.

  Taylor: My friends and I have a big picnic every year.

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