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Failure to PLAN is planning to FAIL

Steve Indersmith

First attributed to Benjamin Franklin in the late 1700s, it provides a good entry into 2018.

No doubt like us at Active Networks, you’ve taken time out to relax and renew and are now back contemplating the mountain of work that you didn’t quite get to in 2017. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed and to continue doing what we’ve always done, but as I caught up with a few clients just before the break, I was inspired with stories of product launches, company buyouts and expansion plans. It gave me resolve to make 2018 our best year ever.

Active Networks started life as a single magazine publisher. Today we are morphing in to a marketing company that publishes. Today we can put you in print across the Northern Beaches and North Shore, manage your Facebook and Google advertising, provide a solution for your SEO, push your promotions and events out through Think Local and our EDM, manage your automated email campaign and build your email database. With nearly 20 years’ servicing local business and residents, we are well positioned to know what works. Take the first step to ensuring 2018 is your best year ever address your marketing – give us a call and let’s see what’s possible.

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