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Cocktails & Mock-Tales by Julianne McLean

Think Local

Whether you like a classic negroni, a kit royale, a bloody Mary or something a bit saucier. Former Miss NSW and Miss Northern Beaches Iivewire Julianne McLean has a tipple in her new tome for you.

    TV presenter-turned-PR Julianne, who grew up in Avalon and cares for her parents in Mosman, has teamed up with the “brilliantly witty” cartoonist, Mark Lynch, to release a boozy new book Cocktails & Mock-Tales.

    Gleaning inspiration from her worldly travels, the family-friendly book contains both alcoholic and non-alcoholic recipes, including locally inspired The Drummer, a signature cocktail from The Different Drummer restaurant in Avalon.

It's the perfect Father's Day gift - and not only will dad love the recipes, he can also find the history of each cocktail. Julianne tells Peninsula Living. “I was in Germany tucking into an award winning cocktail called Amadeus, named after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, when this book was conceived. It tasted like heaven so I asked the creator, Joerg Braun if he could give me the recipe.

   “As I was jotting it down on a paper napkin. I thought ‘why not have cocktails and mock-tales so the whole family can enjoy it?’” The book is filled with hilarious illustrations by Mark Lynch, former editorial cartoonist for The Australian and recipient of 48 international and Australian cartoon awards, whose cartoons are also currently viewed by 1.5 million people a day on subway video screens in Berlin and Munich.

    Julianne and Mark met while flying for Qantas Airlines. Mark described his time there as resembling “an exotic beer commercial set in a variety of world-wide locations.”

    Together, they also wrote Barbies for Blokes, a best-seller barbecue book filled with easy recipes for men. Julianne says:  “The idea for that book came when we were In Bombay and there was no steak there!”

     Aside from the books, Julianne has also done more than 2,000 TV appearances, most notably with Bert Newton and Denise Drysdale, and a spin-off from this has been her writing and charity work including being a spokesperson for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

She's also a volunteer lifesaver for the Avalon Beach SLC and volunteers at the Avalon House Nursing Home. With every book she writes, Julianne ensures that some of the royalties go to charity, and gives a percentage to an organisation that promotes the responsible consumption of alcohol.

“It's not all about me making money, it's about giving back” she adds.

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