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In just five years, James Sideris - the founder of the wholesale baking company, ButterBoy - has built a thriving business, supplying local cafés in and around the North Shore with sweet treats.

James started his Instagram account in 2013 to showcase images of his homemade meals as well as happy snaps of himself before evolving it into a platform used to purely promote his desserts - primarily mouth-watering snaps of his culinary art.

"When I go running, it gets my thought process going, and one day I had this idea that I'd focus the Instagram on displaying some of the desserts I was making at home," he reflects.

"It kind of turned into less of a blog about me to more of a way of advertising and telling people about what I'm creating and where it's available for them to go get it."

Since then, the business has gone nowhere but up, with James having to hire two other people to help produce and distribute the delicious desserts.

At only 22 years of age, James has managed to balance studying a full-time university degree while following his passion - baking scrumptious delights for his wholesale business every day.

"Being passionate about what I do and all the cooking makes it hard to focus," James reveals. "I've still got a while to go at uni, but I'm trying to plough through."

The talented chef says he has become "pretty renowned" for the muffins he makes with syringes in them. "But now, my most popular item is all the cookies," he smiles.

The young entrepreneur's Instagram - which now boasts nearly 18,000 followers - has recently been showcasing his new delicious range of desserts - from salted caramel and Nutella choc-chip cookies to matcha-custard donuts and double-chocolate brownie sandwiches.

"You've got to experiment and muck around with different things," he simply states.

In early 2015, James spent six months in New York studying at the Institute for Culinary Education and also learning all the tricks of the trade from the owners of the New York-based Australian cafe Two Hands, fuelling his passion even further.

"I lust approached [the owners] and asked if they'd be interested in me doing some baking for them and collaborating with them," he explains.

"New York is so incredible -particularly the food scene - it's absolutely buzzing. Everybody gets behind everybody and it's just thriving and booming."

 Expanding his already impressive repertoire, James has since collaborated on YouTube videos with celebrity chef and 2011 MasterChef contestant Hayden Quinn.

"My friends organised for me to meet [Hayden] and he loved what I was doing and the direction I was taking," James tells North Shore Living. "He's been really supportive and keen to promote my desserts." The North Shore local says it has been a learning curve "trying to build it all up, slowly expanding and taking on a proper kitchen and employees.

"The future of ButterBoy is still up in the air, with James considering different pathways for his growing business.

"I like what people do when they open up different spaces, and a shop is an option," he says.

"At the same time, It'd be cool to have a thriving wholesale business where I can supply the best pastries and goods to cafes around Sydney. We'll have to wait and see..."


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