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Shortly after moving overseas and with her husband's work and with no family around, Balgowlah mum Monique Treder was blown away when someone she hardly knew turned up at her door with food after the birth of her second child.

"The impact it had on me stayed with me for a long time and it was one of the main reasons I started this business. While I was overwhelmed with gratitude, it also made me appreciate the uplifting nature of food," Monique says.  

The idea was then cemented when her grandfather passed away and her grandmother's house was full of flowers, but the fridge was empty. Monique realised that in circumstances like this people rarely have the time or ability to shop, let alone to cook meals for themselves.

"I want to bring back this lost art of gifting food, which is what people in communities used to do," she tells Peninsula Living. "I truly believe that homemade food can have a positive impact on the soul." Launching Happetite Food in March this year, Monique had her mind set on showing how food brings people together and lifts people's spirits like nothing else. Under the guidance of her 90-year-old Italian Nonna, who had always demonstrated the importance of sharing love through food, Monique created a delicious range of homemade and heartwarming meals.

"Happetite allows you to show people that you care even though you may not be able to get there," Monique adds.  

"Having been in this position, I know how good it feels to receive a gift such as this, but also how good it feels when you give someone such happiness."

The mum-of-two says the response and reaction is "really special and priceless", often finding that simply meeting the people who she delivers to strikes a chord with her and reminds her of her business's mission.

"It is pretty amazing to be part of these packages that get sent to people going through tough times. Sometimes when I start drowning in the paperwork of small business I take some time out to deliver the packages to people myself and it reminds me of why I started this business and re-energises me." Happetite Food has organised a Christmas hamper for people to send to friends and families, to help them out during a busy time of the year. These dishes are family recipes that have brought comfort to Monique and her extended family through generations and she wants to be able to share these comfort meals and little packages of love with others.

"Our hampers quite often bring people to tears because the thought behind them conveys a real message of care and love. The sender is rewarded as well as the recipient."  


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