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One day back in 2011, Will and Steve had returned to the investment bank where they both worked after a couple of beers at their local pub.

"We got back to the office and Steve made this tuna sandwich and it was out of this world," explains Will.

“Most people go tuna, mayonnaise, two bits of bread, lettuce, done. His had lemon juice, lemon rind and capers going into it… some red onion in there, rocket, the most amazing sourdough bread that he'd driven to Bronte to get.

And he says, 'Do you want half?' And it was just incredible. And the rest is history."

“From that moment on, we knew we shared a love of food," adds Steve, a peninsula resident.

While cooking was a passion for both men, the prospect of it becoming a career did not eventuate until 2014, after both blokes had taken redundancy packages from the bank.

In March 2014, Steve, who had been working on a plan to bring a UK sandwich franchising business to Sydney, was at the popular food event, A Taste of Sydney.

He ended up in a conversation with a producer of My Kitchen Rules (MKR), who invited him to apply for the show.

Steve filled out an application form for himself and for Will, who was working casually for food rescue charity OzHarvest.

Steve didn't actually tell Will, who found out minutes before receiving a call from MKR producers.

Steve says he had a hunch his mate from the bank would be a perfect partner in crime.

“I think my passion for the food side of things and his lightheartedness and willingness to actually get his hands dirty and do what you need to do - I thought we would be a good combo," Steve reasons.

“It was a shot at nothing. If they said 'no' it wouldn't have mattered. We would have got another job in banking and got on with our unfulfilled careers."

However, it all paid off, and the pair went on to win the reality television show with a stunning peach dessert.

Since then, it's been a whirlwind of cooking demonstrations, product launches and celebrity endorsements under their brand, The Gourmet Pommies. They have launched a cookbook and will soon bring a sparkling bottled green tea to market.

There's also been lots of love from fans.

The support the peninsula community is so amazing," he simply states.

The pair have now become ambassadors for Australia's Biggest Morning Tea, one of the Cancer Council's leading events, which aims to raise funds for cancer research.

The Cancer Council hopes to see 1100 morning teas take place this year throughout May and June. Steve says lending support to the event was a no brainer".

It's something we are very passionate about, because we have been given a lot of luck and a lot of people don't get those lucky breaks; he explains.

"Everybody loves a cup of tea and a slice of cake and it allows us to get creative in the kitchen."


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