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Oyster and wine pairing

Think Local

When you order oysters, most people think of Champagne as the perfect pairing, but if you match your wine with the right oyster, you can really intensify and enrich the flavour," remarks Ray, a welt renowned food connoisseur who has been around the block sharing his knowledge to avid punters for the past 35 years.

   As a keen food expert, local resident Ray has spent the past couple of months testing and Mailing out which wine best suits which oyster and has perfected the pairing to three different power combos which customers devour with relish at Cala Luna on a daily basis. 

"I matched the Angassi oyster to Villa Jolanda Prosecco NV. The delicate aromas of grapefruit and a creamy palate expertly balance the meaty flesh of the Angassi oyster, bringing out the flavours of the oyster without overpowering it with too many bubbles." Says Ray.

The Angassi oyster is one of the rarer oysters so for those who normally choose the more common Sydney Rock oyster, Ray has uncovered the following pairing:

   "For the Sydney Rock oyster, I matched them to Pala Fiori Vermentino di Sardegna. An intense floral and thyme nose with good depth, this wine complements the succulent flavour of the Sydney Rock variety. It's important that you get the right balance of flavours here so that the mouth really experiences the oyster's true potential. You need a wine to cut through the creaminess.”

    And If Pacific oysters (the larger variety) are more your bag, then Ray suggests the following:

"I recommend Pacific oysters matched with the Leeuwin Estate Art Series Riesling. This stunning Riesling from Margaret River with lime and citrus accents matches well with the softness of the Pacifics. This is quite a playful pairing which contrasts the saltiness of the oyster with the subtle sweetness of the wine."

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