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Ten foods to boost your metabolism






Do you have a slow metabolism? Your metabolism is simply the speed in which your body processes food energy and your metabolic rate will directly affect your ability to lose or maintain a healthy body weight.


However the sobering reality is that if you have a slow metabolism, its your own fault! Forget about your genetics, your age, your busy lifestyle and your thyroid. Today is the day to face reality, stop making excuses, learn something new and do something about it.


Exercising at least 30min per day and including resistance training atleast twice per week are great habits to speed up your metabolism, however the secret weapon is food. Listed below are ten foods which I personally recommend to boost your metabolism. Include these in your eating plan starting today and watch how your metabolism speeds up.


1. Broccoli – loaded with vitamin A, C, folate and fibre. High calcium levels act as a metabolic trigger; while vitamin C helps your body absorb more calcium.


2. Vitamins & Minerals – Magnesium (beans, greens, nuts) Vitamin. B12 (seafood, meat, eggs)


3. Grape fruit – packed with Vitamin C this low carbohydrate super fruit has high fibre to lower insulin levels and citrus to breakdown fat. Perfect with breakfast. Avoid if on blood pressure medication.


4. Coffee - drink black coffee 30mins before exercise on an empty stomach. The caffeine helps break down fat into bloodstream to use as energy.


5. Spinach –Full of antioxidants, magnesium, potassium, iron, Vitamin C also helps flush out excess water


6. Rolled oats – Have almost zero sugar which equates to a long lasting energy supply and feeling fuller. Fat soluble fibre also lowers insulin levels.


7. Turkey breast – 27grams of lean protein per serve with almost zero fat or carbohydrates.


8. Green tea – High antioxidants levels & the chemical catechin speeds up your brain & central nervous system also boosting your mood.


9. Spicy foods – Chilli, black peppers and ginger added to food can boost up to 8%


10. Almonds – full of essential fatty acids, protein and antioxidants


So this week when you are writing out your shopping list and planning dinner take responsibility for your metabolism and include more foods that speed it up and less of the ones that dont.


If you would like more information about the science of food, exercise, alcohol and weight loss contact Vision Personal Training to attend a FREE monthly seminar.


Steve Grant is the director of Vision Personal Training in Mona Vale and lecturers on exercise and nutrition at The Australian College of Physical Education.




June, 2010




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