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Bathroom Renovations

Horst Lueckl

Currently, the major trend is for bathrooms to have as big a ‘wet area’ as possible. Gone are the days of the separate room for the toilet and wash basin, bathroom and shower, all hemmed in by flimsy cavity sliders. Fluid space is now key.

Tiling is a great way to give your bathroom a facelift. You can be superbly clever with tiling and don’t have to spend a fortune. Consider the overall look of your home. What theme are you aiming for? Is it industrial?  Hamptons? Modern? Minimal? Vintage? The right tiles can effectively complement this overall feel.  

The wall tiles can be as simple as a $30 per square metre white tile laid in a ‘subway’ formation, which makes for a fantastic statement if you are after an industrial feel. One simple vertical strip of a feature tile (a metallic mosaic perhaps) is a cost-effective solution rather than a horizontal rim around the entire wall perimeter. 

A gorgeous trend at the moment is to tile just the shower floor with a timber floorboard ceramic tile. These come in various distressed finishes, limewash or natural timber, and bring a beachy feel to your home. Ceramic tiles rather than natural stone on the floor is another clever way to save your bucks. Check out the terrazzo or basalt-look ceramic tiles – they are virtually maintenance free, non porous and give you the same luxe look and feel as the real thing. A good tip to note when looking at tiling options is vertical wall tiles will add the illusion of height to a lower ceiling level while tiles laid horizontally will appear to widen the room.    

Ye olde worlde shower stalls and sliding shower screens also take up a lot of room and make the bathroom compartmentalised. Get rid of them! An investment in a frameless shower screen speaks volumes for the illusion of space you gain. 

Additionally, your choice of vanities can impact your bathroom and dictate the overall feel. A floating or wall hung vanity will show more floor area so it creates the illusion of more space, is easier to clean underneath, and can be a clever storage solution.  Consider a mirrored shaving cabinet with a power supply inside. That way, your hairdryer, electric shaver and other appliances can be stored away.    

Dark and dingy bathrooms are also things of the past, especially with all the new rage of LED strip lighting and pendant fittings. Lighting is another way to create a feature in your bathroom and it is very effective and generates that instant wow without costing the earth. If the construction allows, a great way to add natural light is with the addition of skylights and sky tubes. This instantaneously brightens the space and makes it more inviting.

Whatever you do, your bathroom is a place for pampering, and having a chic space to do so while not spending too much money is right there at your bathroom door. 
Horst Lueckl is the managing director of GJ Gardner Homes Sydney North. Phone 9939 3339 or visit

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