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Bathroom Upgrades

Simon Stevenson

Reviving your tired old bathroom doesn’t have to break the bank.  In fact, quite the opposite. It’s one area of your home that you’ll get the most bang for your renovation buck.  Here are a few ideas to liven up your bathroom without the expense, or headache of a full on renovation.

It’s no secret that one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to freshen up a bathroom is with paint. Applying a few coats of good-quality paint in a light, cheery colour will transform even the dreariest of bathrooms in no time flat.  I recommend using a kitchen and bathroom paint because they’re made with an anti-mould additive, exactly what you want in high moisture areas. Now days, most paint manufacturers have specially designed ones in their range but if not, you can buy the anti-mould additive separately to add to your paint of choice.  

Did you know that you can paint your bathroom floor tiles? This is a great alternative to the big, messy and often costly job of ripping up and re-tiling an old, dated bathroom floor.  If that sounds like a great idea, you’ll want to check out Rust-oleums Tile Transformations. It’s a brand new, one-coat paint system that’s easy to use, affordable and comes in a kit that contains just about everything you’ll need.

If you’ve got a house built in the 60’s or 70’s chances are you’ve got a lovely pink or baby blue bath tub. Before you head out to buy a new one, here are a couple of different options that you might want to consider- options that don’t require a jackhammer.

One alternative is a bathtub liner. These liners are made from high impact acrylic and fit like a glove over your existing bath tub. They’re extremely durable and won’t stain or fade but your colour choices are limited.

Another one is bathtub resurfacing.  This is the process of coating your tub with a hard-wearing, stain and chip resistant paint. Refinishing gives you the choice of virtually any colour that you can get paint in.
DIY kits are available for both options but I would suggest doing your homework before attempting either one. They require a fair amount of skill and mistakes could be costly to fix. 

Here are a few more affordable, weekend projects that will turn an ordinary bathroom into something special.

Update the little things like cabinet handles, drawer knobs, towel racks and switch plate covers.  These things may seem small and insignificant but will make a huge difference. The best part? Aside from an hour or two of your time, all you’ll need is a screwdriver!  

Replacing the grout is a sure-fire way to freshen up your bathroom and give it an instant lift. Over time grout will crack and erode making it prone to the perfect storm of bathroom grunge:  dirt, grime and mould, that’s not only unsightly but unsanitary. Using pre-mixed grout will make your job much easier and you’ll be very happy to know it comes in a range of colours.

Now about that vanity, you’ll open up lots of extra floor space if you get rid of it all together and replace it with a wall mounted sink. If that’s not an option a good coat of paint and new fixtures will tidy up your old vanity with very little cost.   

One more thing I would do is to ditch the old, dated medicine cabinet and replace it with a beautifully framed mirror. You’ll have to find another place to keep your toothpaste, but I think it’ll be worth it.


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