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Tap Into Today's Bathroom Trends

Lucy Sutherland

For decades, bathrooms were considered to be a space that was both practical and functional in the smallest possible area. How times have changed. 

Over the past few years, there has been a strong shift towards creating statement bathrooms that will not only add value to a property, but will also provide us with that much longed for relaxation space. 

With this shift in focus on bathroom design comes a myriad of new styles and trends:

1) Deeper, moodier colours
Deep charcoal and black are fast becoming a popular colour choice for bathrooms. We would have never considered these colours years ago, but with the vast range of tiles finishes available, they are now a viable option without making the space flat or even overwhelming. Deep colours on the walls and floors, with pops of white or natural textures in the vanity and features areas, can help create a moody and sophisticated look. 

2) Freestanding bathtubs
A freestanding bathtub is becoming a necessary luxury in our bathrooms. A sense of relaxation and indulgence is important, and a beautiful, sculptural tub offers both – it sets the mood for relaxation and downtime. Stand-alone tubs are often the main feature in a bathroom. Consider the other aspects of your bathroom and then work with the tub design to shape the look of your space. A curved shape will add a softness to an otherwise structured and angular bathroom, whilst a rectangular shape can accentuate a modern aesthetic or offset a softer, more natural colour scheme.

3) Larger showers
The move away from shower cubicles to integrated shower areas within the bathroom has also become popular over the past few years – we are losing the definition between the bathing area and rest of the bathroom. For example, walk-in showers and double showers are very on trend. 
The addition of seating within a shower area not only looks beautiful but also gives the shower area a streamlined look. 
Recessed storage areas for soaps and shampoos add to this seamless look of the bathroom. 

4) Geometric and hexagonal tiles
We are continuing our love affair with all things geometric and this is evident in our bathroom tile selections. Square tiles are not as popular, but are still being used in large formats for strong impact. Hexagonal shapes are popular and are now being introduced in interesting finishes such as concrete, aged timber and metallic. 
5) Making a feature out of the floor
Bathroom floors are quickly becoming a statement piece through the use of feature tiles. This works especially well in small bathrooms where there is not the wall space for a feature wall area. Moroccan-styled tiles are especially popular. Feature floors provide a great opportunity to make a strong design statement. Team these up with a stunning freestanding tub for a strong design.

6) Back to nature
Using nature-inspired colors and finishes is a very strong design direction for bathrooms. Where bathrooms have historically been cold and hard rooms, they now are more welcoming with the addition of natural stones, timber tiles and warm metallics such as copper and rose gold. 
Plant life is also being introduced into our bathroom areas though hanging pots and vertical gardens if the space permits. 
All of these elements add visual interested and a calm, spa-like vibe to your bathing space.

Lucy Sutherland is the general manager of the International School of Colour and Design (iscd). iscd offeres a range of workshops, short courses and industry driven diplomas at their North Sydney campus or via distance education. For more information, phone 9114 5988 or visit


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