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Top Bathroom Trends

Mark Annesley

Neutral colours, clean lines and unobtrusive fittings may be the look du jour when it comes to this season’s bathroom trends, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for some “wow” factor.

The move towards simpler designs with clean lines comes from a desire for a bathroom that is both practical and looks good. 

The majority of my clients request a bathroom with a classical look. Some of the more traditional bathrooms can be impractical to clean, while a super modern bathroom can date quickly. 

Most people are budget conscious and no one wants to be renovating a bathroom every few years because it has gone out of style.

Plumbing components manufacturer Viega is one of the businesses that supply the bathroom industry and its range is moving with the times in keeping with the requirements of builders, designers and homeowners. They have responded to the increase in homeowners wanting concealed cisterns and designer flush plates (flush systems) including non-contact models. These flush plates combine water-saving dual flushing system with decorator options that include glass, stainless steel, chrome, glass/plastic, short or long sizes and various colours. 

Products like these not only add to the streamlined effect of the bathroom but create an easier to clean, more hygienic space. 

Accents such as these fit perfectly with the most popular pieces of the moment, including floating vanity units, frameless shower screens and, of course, the statement piece of the season, the free standing tub.

The free standing bath has re-emerged as the ‘wow’ factor of today’s bathrooms, especially egg shaped designs. Although this obviously depends on the size of the bathroom – I wouldn’t advise trying to cram one into a small space.
There’s also no getting around the fact that technology is infiltrating into every room in the house, including the bathroom. 

Wall mounted televisions and sound systems are still being installed in some bathrooms, however underfloor heating and LED lighting are the most popular forms of technology clients want incorporated into their bathroom design. 

Underfloor heating is the one thing clients tell me they absolutely love. It’s just such a luxury in winter. There is a strong movement away from showers that stand over a bathtub. This has been replaced by open showers that have a strip drain at the end, and a frameless shower screen.

The strip drains in particular are much nicer aesthetically with a square floor tile, as you can slope them down towards the drain rather than having to cut the tile around a circular drain.

Grey has been a strong hue in interior design for quite some time, and now makes its foray into the bathroom in the form of charcoal grey floor tiles, or softer grey accents that break up an all white design.

While budget can dictate material and fitting choices, a wide range colour schemes is always available to the homeowner. Gloss white or a slightly off white is still the most popular choice for bathrooms because it gives a cleaner look, and reflects the light nicely. 

This is especially effective for making a small bathroom appear bigger. A white wall tile also provides an opportunity to create contrast with a dark grey tile or even a feature tile.

With smooth joins and seamless bathroom designs currently in favour, this is good news for those who dream of a luxurious, large shower – the latest bathroom designs all feature spacious showers simply enclosed by a pane of glass. 

Director Mark Annesley founded Just Bathroom Renovations over 15 years ago. Mark is a respected builder with over 25 years’ experience in construction, renovation, extension and carpentry.  His work philosophy and promise is to always deliver personal service of the highest quality. 


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