Lovely New Lavender


This newly-released Lavender (Lavandula pedunculata ‘Ghostly Princess’) was bred in Australia and selected for its highly ornamental foliage and lengthy flowering season.

Growing 70 centimetres high and wide, Ghostly Princess is an evergreen perennial with a neat, compact form. Its striking, silver foliage is complemented by pretty, pink flower heads, mainly during winter and spring.

Lavenders grow well in a sunny spot in most soil types that are well draining.
They look stunning planted as a hedge in entrance ways and around entertainment areas and pools. They’re also ideal for growing around vegetables and fruit trees where they encourage beneficial pollinators.   

Planted in decorative containers, lavenders look superb on balconies and courtyards.  They are very hardy and only need occasional deep watering during extended periods of heat.  

To encourage vigorous growth, simply prune back to two-thirds of the plant’s original size in late summer and apply a light sprinkling of dolomite lime and slow-release fertiliser.

Top gardening tips for July

  • Plant some spring-flowering annuals, such as calendulas, polyanthus, violas and wallflowers, to add interest and colour in your garden and fertilise fortnightly with a soluble fertiliser.  
  • Feed emerging spring-flowering bulbs with a fertiliser high in phosphorous and potassium to promote beautiful blooms.  
  • Dig finished legumes, such as peas and broad beans, into the garden. These crops are full of nutrients and improve the soil. Regularly fertilise leafy, green vegetables, such as spinach, broccoli and cabbage with a fertiliser high in nitrogen.
  • Feed citrus trees with a specially formulated fertiliser and harvest the fruit as needed. Watch out for citrus leaf miner (squiggly lines on the leaves) and spray with EcoOil fortnightly.
  • Have your mower serviced when your lawn needs less attention during the cooler months. Then it’s ready for action in spring and summer. Apply a broadleaf herbicide to your lawn to get rid of bindii, clover or creeping oxalis before they come into flower. 


Judith Sleijpen

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