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Shedding Light On The Matter

Bev Mackenzie

Carefully placed lighting can transform your outdoor area into an enchanting and inviting space, and you don't have to break the budget or go to the expense of having your garden wired up by an electrician. Here are three pain-free options to consider:


Of course, candles are the most obvious solution and always add something special to an occasion.  Hurricane lamps with candles, hanging from tree branches and placed at floor level along a path area will add drama to your garden, making it a very inviting entrance for your guests. Bespoke outdoor candles, available at outdoor stores, include ready-to-hang lantern candles and even large floating pool candles. If you live in a small space, wall-mounted candle holders can create a pretty focal point, whilst saving space. 

For windy settings or occasions when kids are likely to be running around, flameless candles are both a pretty and safe option. Design-wise, they’ve come along a way and they’re even available in real wax with an authentic flickering flame. Some even offer a remote control! No need for endless blowing out of candles at the end of a long evening. 

String Lights

Festoon lights wrapped around a tree or strung across a veranda look very magical and create a wonderful holiday ambience. Many options require batteries, so if you don’t want to be forever rushing off to the hardware store for replacements or trying to weatherproof the battery compartment, why not consider Seletti Bella Vista Lights? They are electric, totally weatherproof and come fitted with an extension cord long enough to reach an indoor socket.  

Solar Lights

Of course, solar lights have been around for a while and we’ve all seen the stake variety available at our local hardware store or garden centres. If you’re after something a little prettier to throw a soft glow at floor level, a little solar mason jar can look quite lovely – and will come on automatically after dark. A very inviting inviting ‘welcome home’. 

Bev Mackenzie runs Petite Retreat Outdoor Living, which sells outdoor furniture and accessories ideally suited to smaller outdoor spaces

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