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Top 10 gardening tips for April


Top 10 gardening tips for April

  • Add a touch of Italian style and sophistication to your balcony or garden with the newly released Pansy Chianti. This pansy grows 20cm x 20cm and comes in rich shades of terracotta, salmon, creamy caramel, rose and wine-red. The cooler the conditions, the more intense the flower colour.
  • Plant out potted plants, including citrus and natives, while soil temperatures are warm. Cooler nights and reduced evaporation rates during the day help the plants establish.
  • Choose trees with colourful autumn foliage while they are displaying leaf colour. Some small trees suitable for Sydney gardens are the Japanese maple, golden robinia and Chinese pistachio.
  • Move cymbidium orchids into a sunny spot for a few hours each day and feed them with the specially formulated fertiliser “Campbells B” to encourage flower production.
  • Smear petroleum jelly on to a piece of bright yellow cardboard or plastic to attract and trap white flies and other harmful insects. Plants with aromatic leaves such as geraniums, tomatoes and salvias appeal to white flies. They hide beneath the leaves and when disturbed, fly off in great numbers.
  • When staking trees, use soft ties, such as pantyhose, as they wont cut into the bark and will allow movement. It is best not to stake newly planted shrubs or trees unless absolutely necessary.
  • Prolong the life of herbs, such as parsley, by picking leaves from the outside of the plant. Condition the soil with some manure and compost in preparation for winter vegetables, such as cabbage, silverbeet and broccoli.
  • Tidy up perennials that have finished flowering. Lift and separate crowded clumps of shasta daisies, agapanthus and day lilies.
  • Try to remove annual weeds before they go to seed. If seed heads have already formed, cut them off, put them in a plastic bag and dispose of them in the bin.
  • Visit rose displays and order new seasons roses from catalogues. Order early, because popular varieties often sell out very quickly. Look for Chameleon. This rose grows to 60cm, flowers from October to June and has a variety of colours on the same bush – yellow, red, pink and white.

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