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Top 10 Gardening Tips for July


10 top gardening tip for July

  • Winter may be cold, but it can also be dry, so remember to water your garden and any plants in pots as necessary.
  • Watch for snails after rain. Remove by hand, if possible, or scatter some snailbait about. There are products available that are safe to use if you own a pet.
  • Prune your roses at the end of the month with a pair of clean, sharp secateurs and a pruning saw. If youre not sure how to do it, ask your local garden centre for advice.
  • Tidy up native shrubs and prune your deciduous trees. Remove any dead or damaged branches to form an attractive shape.
  • Feed your spring flowering bulbs with fertiliser high in phosphorous to promote beautiful blooms.
  • Divide and replant perennials such as agapanthus, day lilies or red hot pokers for good spring growth.
  • Apply a broadleaf weed killer to your lawn to get rid of bindi-eye, clover or creeping oxalis. Ask your local garden centre for the correct product for your lawn and use as directed.
  • Provide food for native animals during the cooler months by planting winter-flowering banksias, wattles and grevilleas.
  • Plant seedlings of violas, pansies and cyclamen for many months of beautiful colour.
  • Enjoy the brilliant winter blooms of camellias, magnolias and poinsettias.


July, 2006




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