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Top gardening tips for December


Top gardening tips for December

  • Plan any gardening activity for the cool part of the day. Take care to protect your skin from the summer sun with a broad-brimmed hat, gloves and sunscreen and drink plenty of water.
  • Brighten up your outdoor entertaining area with some potted annuals in full bloom. Select pots of petunias, salvia or marigolds for sunny spots, or impatiens, begonias and coleus for the shade. Fill vases indoors with beautiful blooms of hydrangeas, gardenias and New South Wales Christmas Bush.
  • Trim hedges, cut the lawn and tidy the edges to make the garden look neat. Prune back any shrubs that are hanging over pathways or look unruly and replace any plants that are past their best.
  • Decorate a potted, topiaised lilly pilly for an Australian-style Christmas. Keep the pot near an open window in good light and keep it well-watered. Return it to a sunny spot after Christmas and with an occasional trim, youll be able to keep it in shape and enjoy it year after year.
  • Arrange for your neighbours to water your plants and remove any mail from your letterbox if youre going away on holidays. If you live in a bushfire prone area, make sure your gutters are cleaned out and move any rubbish, recyclables and combustible materials away from your house.
  • Fill your birdbath or pond with fresh water. For an elegant effect when entertaining, float a few blossoms in the water during the day and a candle in the evening.
  • Give yourself and your garden a treat. A statue, water feature or stylish container can add interest to your garden or courtyard. Nurseries are stocked with presents of every description and most offer free gift-wrapping.
  • Prevent pine needles from dropping from your traditional cut-Christmas tree by spraying the foliage with Yates Stressguard. This see-through, polymer film cuts down on water loss and keeps the tree in good condition throughout the festive season.
  • Take the opportunity to sit back and relax in your garden and savour the long, pleasant evenings with family and friends. And during the day, indulge yourself. Find a nice, quiet, shady spot and catch up on reading some of your favourite gardening books.

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