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Top gardening tips for November

  • Raise mower blades when cutting the grass so there is enough leaf area remaining to protect lawn from the sun. If the lawn does get burnt, don't worry ... it should recover.
  • Divide and repot cymbidium orchids two to three weeks after they finish flowering, if they have outgrown their pots. Make sure you use the correct potting medium for orchids and water lightly until new roots establish.
  • Consider installing lighting, if you don't already have some, so you can enjoy your garden on warm summer evenings. Illumination adds another dimension to your outdoor living area. North Manly Garden Centre has an exciting new lighting range.
  • Give indoor plants with shiny leaves a spring clean. Wash and wipe them over to remove any dust. Some wonderful flowering plants to give you months of pleasure inside are the flamingo flower (Anthurium sp.), the Madonna Lily (Spathiphyllum sp.) and the goldfish plant (Columnea sp.).
  • Plant some annual seedlings in pots now for a colourful display at Christmas. Some favourites are petunias, salvia and zinnia. Look for the new variety of petunia, 'Sea Shell', in shades of blue and white.
  • Delight in the summer fragrance of Trachelospermum jasminoides (Chinese star jasmine), Gardenia augusta (Gardenia) and potted fragrant roses. Have a look for the new 'Gold' flower carpet rose. This beauty flowers prolifically, has very few thorns and is resistant to diseases such as black spot.
  • Enjoy the spectacle of some magnificent trees coming into bloom-the misty mauve of the jacaranda (Jacaranda mimosifolia), the pretty, soft pink of the cape chestnut (Calodendron capensis) and the bird-attracting, golden clusters of the silky oak (Grevillea robusta).


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