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Top ten Gardening tips for Autumn

  1. Autumn is a good time of year to do those jobs youve been putting off because it was too hot, such as the garden furniture, installing a water feature and paving the terrace.
  2. Keep autumns gift of fallen leaves and add them to your compost.
  3. Plant the last spring-flowering bulbs, such as daffodils, hyacinths, tulips.
  4. Fertilise your lawn for winter vigour.
  5. Weed and rake your garden to stop pests harbouring during winter.
  6. Plant annuals, such as cinerarias, polyanthus, primulas or pansies, for winter colour.
  7. Prepare your soil for planting new trees, shrubs and roses.
  8. For a fresh supply of vegetables, plant onions, silverbeet, snowpeas, cabbage or lettuce.
  9. Reduce watering of indoor plants in cooler months
  10. Enjoy the seasonal beauty of autumn in your garden.

May, 2002




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