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Top ten general Gardening tips and advice

  • Water in the early morning to reduce risk of fungal disease
  • Use watering storing granules like “Rainsaver” to help the soil hold water
  • Coil hoses after use and put tools away so children cant reach them
  • Plant spring-flowering bulbs and mulch to a depth of 4-5cm
  • Buy deciduous trees from the nursery when their leaves are in autumn colour
  • Gather fallen leaves and grass clipping for composting
  • Fork over the compost heap regularly to hasten decomposition
  • Clean paths with chlorine to prevent slippery moss growing and hose off thoroughly
  • Eradicate any caterpillars with an organic spray, such as Dipel
  • Enjoy your garden! Dont just pass through it on the way to the garage or washing line. Enjoy being in it!

March, 2002




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