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Top ten tips for March Gardening


10 top tips for March

  • Watch citrus leaves for damage by the citrus leaf miner. This is a small pest that creates squiggly lines on the leaves causing them to twist and distort. Remove the leaves that are badly affected and spray with Pest Oil every fortnight to prevent future damage.
  • Feed citrus trees with a specially formulated fertiliser for good fruit production-a granular fertiliser for those in the garden and a soluble fertiliser for those in pots.
  • Plant sweet pea seeds on St Patrick's day - 17 March - it's traditional! Before planting, enrich the soil with manure, well-rotted compost or blood and bone, add a little lime to sweeten the soil and don't over water.
  • When the humid weather has passed, brighten up your garden with some of the new varieties of pansies-'Violet Taboo' is a large, long flowering pansy in shades of violet and purple and 'Pretty Passion' is a blend of lemon and lilac tones. Both look great either mass planted in a garden bed or in a pot.
  • Select your spring flowering bulbs-snowflakes, daffodils, jonquils, hyacinths and freesias-to mention a few. Store in a cool, dry place until planting time. Prepare the soil well in advance by adding well-rotted compost and bulb food.
  • Water, fertilise and mulch your camellias for better blooms in the coming months. Small leaf camellias (Camellia sasanqua) flower from autumn to winter and large leaf camellias (Camellia japonica) flower winter to spring.
  • Remove any faded rose blooms for a good autumn display. With the combination of heat and humidity, a fungus called 'black spot' sometimes develops on rose bushes. Put any leaves with black spots in your garbage bin -not your compost.
  • Establish new lawns and feed existing lawns to encourage lush growth during the cooler weather. Ask your local garden centre the best product for your type of grass.
  • Plant carrots, onions and silver beet in the vegetable garden and dispose of any fallen edible fruit that may attract fruit fly
  • Enjoy the autumn beauty of boston ivy, liquid amber, maple and oak as nature announces the change of season.




March, 2003



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