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Affordable Art

Lucy Sutherland

 A beautiful piece of art creates a powerful focal point in your room and can often define the whole mood and look of a room. Statement artwork can often be a huge cost commitment, so you need to ensure that you are going to love the piece that you invest in. 

There are some really good, affordable alternatives for purchasing either prints or original artwork that won’t cost a bomb, but that are equally as beautiful in your room. Here are some of the best places to look for beautiful and unique work from Australian artists.

Penny Farthing Design House

Penny Farthing is a print gallery working with a range of artists in various stages of their creative journey. You can purchase either framed or unframed pieces.  Their prices range from $395-$795 depending on the print and the artist. They have a wonderful range of artwork in a variety of styles that will suit every style of home.

Urban Road

Urban Road have a great range of affordable art in a variety of designs. Their artwork is good value and everything arrives ready to hang. They have recently worked on a collaboration with leading Australian Designer Shaynna Blaze to launch a collection of over 20 framed and canvas art prints. The Urban Road collection is all available online.

Grays Online

Grays Online has a huge variety of original artworks by established artists. These can be anyone from David Bromley to Pro Hart and are offered up through online auctions. At any one time they have over 2000 pieces on sale. This is an excellent way to buy wonderful pieces with the confidence that they are well-known artists.


If you have some spare time on your hands and are willing to spend your time trawling through on line galleries, then Etsy is a great option for you. Etsy has prints from hundreds of stores from all over the world, as well as original pieces of art. It is a wonderful way to find something unique and unusual. 

Fabric or wallpaper

A piece of fabric stretched over a canvas makes a great piece of wall art at a reasonably inexpensive cost.  There are hundreds of gorgeous designs available in numerous colour ways that can make a statement in your living area. Alternatively consider using framed pieces of wallpaper as feature artwork. Both are a cost effective way of achieving something eye catching and unique on your walls.

Create your own artwork

If you are feeling creative and want to create your own piece to suit your taste and décor, then definitely try this option. There are so many great ideas on how to create your own feature piece. Firstly chose a palette that will work with your room colour scheme, and then consider your design. Creating your own artwork can be not only rewarding but therapeutic too. Often we never take the time to partake in creative activities. 

Lucy Sutherland is the general manager of the International School of Colour and Design (iscd). For more information, phone 9114 5988 or visit 


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