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Colour Me Happy

Jade Sky

Many people may not be aware how much the colour scheme and different accents in your home can affect how it feels. Generally, if a room is painted in heavy dark colours it can make the room feel smaller and can hold onto stagnant energy. It’s OK to have a feature wall in dark colours, just try to balance out with lighter walls around it.

To attract and keep the energy positive in your home, it’s a good idea to use lighter colours. Too much white though, can make a home feel very clinical. It can also be hard to relax if there aren’t any other colours around that your eye can focus on.

If your walls are mostly white, try to introduce colour with artwork, furniture and soft furnishings. 

Each colour has its own unique energy  so when selecting a scheme, it’s a good idea to think about what energy you want in that room. 

When you are looking at selecting the colours for a particular room remember that everything needs to be done in balance. If you overdo a colour, you can end up with too much of that energy which then can be counterproductive to what you were originally trying to achieve.

Here is a list of some of the main colours and the energy that they can bring:


The lighter shades of blue are usually are quite relaxing, peaceful and calming. However too much blue, especially the darker shades, can have the reverse effect and make people feel depressed and lethargic.

The colour red is associated with passion, romance and action. This colour is great in small amounts to attract positive energy. Red is fantastic to use in your bedroom as it is great for your intimate relationship area.

Try not to overdo it with the fiery accents though - too much red equals a overdose of passion which can then attract anger and or aggression.


Purple holds great energy for protection and spiritual connection. Balance is very important so if you are using a dark purple in your home, try to stick to a feature wall because too much dark purple can have a depressive or stagnant energy.


Green is such a beautiful healing colour, it reminds us of nature and it attracts in healing and abundance energy. If you don’t want to paint your walls green, you can add green plants or décor to your home. Too much green can create a lazy, sleepy energy. 

Oranges/Brown Earth Tones

Oranges/Brown earth tones can bring in a very warm, positive grounded energy into your home. You do not have to have these colours painted on your walls, you may have polished wooden floors, wooden furniture or have artwork, and furnishings in earthy brown and orange tones.If there is too much orange/ brown earth tones it can make people feel heavy or restless.


Yellow is such a bright, happy colour it is a wonderful way to attract positive energy into your home. Yellow is also associated with creativity and inspiration.

It’s amazing how different the energy in a home can become when you change the colours in the rooms. If you are renting you may not be able to paint the walls but you can add posters, paintings, curtains or change the furniture around. 
Jade Sky is the author of Clear Your House, New Holland, $24.99

 “To keep the energy positive in your home, it’s a good idea to use lighter colours. But too much white can make a home feel very clinical.”

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