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Create A Chic Friendly house

Lucy Sutherland

Here are some tips to keep your home kid friendly but also stylish at the same time.

1) Edit your home from the ground up

The easiest way to ensure your home is childproof is to get down to ground level and see what is on offer for curious little fingers. By moving everything up a level, you will avoid the heartache of losing precious ornaments and mementos. Installing floating shelves is an excellent way to retain your favourite pieces and give you the ability to arrange them in new and interesting ways. 

2) Select your materials carefully

Think carefully about the fabrics and textiles in your home. Couches and rugs are not cheap and are expected to last for a number of years, so they should withstand the toughest customers. Choose a dark shade that can hide stains and marks in a durable finish. Blended colour combinations are also great for hiding stains and dirt. There are also a plethora of hardy, good-looking fabrics on hand to meet the demands of stylish families – leather is one.

3) Time on the floor

With a young family, you will spend more time on the floor. So, put some thought into your floor coverings. If you are purchasing rugs, ensure they are stain resistant and in colours that will hide any little mishaps you have. You can add colour and pattern through the use of floor cushions. They will provide a much-needed pop of colour and are a colourful and stylish addition to your living areas.

4) The coffee table dilemma

Opt for a solid, round, low to the ground coffee table that can serve as a play surface during the day, and a coffee table in the evenings. Choose something that is robust and steady to avoid spillages and nasty accidents. There are wonderful options available that are super stylish but safe.  

5) Storage options

Your living areas will most likely double up as a kids play area during the day. To avoid a carpet of toys and books, ensure you have sourced some stylish storage options to hide away toys in the evening or when they are not being used. Once your child is in bed, completely clear the living area so it is devoid of toys, books, cups and kids clothes, so your living room returns to an adult space - uncluttered and relaxing, and perfect to wind down from a busy day. Ottomans with inbuilt storage are a great option. Upholster them in a fabric you love so they are both decorative and practical. There are some great, stylish storage options available from large baskets to antique trunks that will add a touch of style and personality to your room.

6) Art

A beautiful piece of artwork will provide a statement in your living area. The wonderful thing about art is that it can be hung out of reach from busy hands. Use your artwork to define your space and your style and as a basis for colour and pattern in your room. Your vertical spaces are the very best place to do this and for you to splash out on pieces you love.

Lucy Sutherland is the general manager of the International School of Colour and Design (iscd). iscd offers a range of workshops, short courses and industry driven diplomas at their North Sydney campus or via distance education. For more information, phone 9114 5988 or visit

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