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How To Find The Perfect Couch

Lucy Sutherland

Finding the perfect couch is one of the most important decorating decisions you will make. It’s not an easy task but if you do your research thoroughly and invest some time into understanding exactly what you need for your space, it will make the job much easier. 

Consider the following: 


Consider how you live and how you use your living space as a first step. If you spend a lot of time entertaining, then you will need to consider the size and layout of your couch to ensure you can seat the numbers you need and that the layout encourages a conversation. You can use a combination of a couch with chairs and cushions to create multiple seating areas that can be versatile enough to be enjoyed individually, or as a large group.

If you are someone that spends your evenings watching movies, then you need to ensure you get a super comfortable couch that allows you to spend long lengths of time on it.


To successfully organise your living area, you need to look at your lifestyle. What is the space used for? If you like to wind down watching TV, then you need to ensure the couch faces in that direction. If you host groups of guests, then a semi circle works best, or even a full circle with ample coffee tables for drinks and nibbles. 


Getting the scale and proportion of your couch right is extremely important. It shouldn’t overpower a room or stop the flow of traffic. Your couch is often the biggest piece in your living room. If it is too large and wide it will overpower your space. If it is too high, it will block the flow of the room, and if it is too small or narrow it will swim with all the space around it. 
If you have low ceilings and want your room to feel larger, then consider a modern style couch with sleek lines and lower height in the arms and back. By choosing a sofa with legs, you can make a space feel larger. It allows you to see a little bit of the floor or your rug and makes a room feel lighter.


The most popular couch colours are neutral tones. There is a good reason for this. Couches will be in your room as colour trends come in and out. They often need to remain timeless since they are expensive to replace regularly. By choosing a neutral colour, you can introduce trend colours and patterns through smaller items without the big outlay in cost. 


Make sure the fabric you choose is functional for your living conditions. Leather is a great option. It is durable, stylish and timeless. There are also a number of new stain-resistant fabric options that look great but will withstand the rigors of young families. 
Take your time to do all of the research you need and you will be rewarded with a couch that fits into your lifestyle and will last for the time you intend it to.

Lucy Sutherland is the general manager of the International School of Colour and Design (iscd). iscd offers a range of workshops, short courses and industry driven diplomas at their North Sydney campus or via distance education. For more information, phone 8355 3838 or visit

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