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Make Your Home Bright In the Darker Months

Lucy Sutherland

Winter months are a time to huddle down and spend time at home, so our living spaces need to be comfortable, bright and cosy. Here are a few easy ways to make that seasonal change to your home:

1) Declutter

A seasonal spring clean and declutter is an excellent way to clear and add a sense of space and brightness to your home. Be ruthless and look at your living spaces with fresh eyes. Keep only those things that are useful or beautiful. Remove anything that you no longer use or need. Don’t be tempted to fill up the space with new things and instead embrace the new spaces that you have created. This in itself will brighten up your home. 

2) Reflective surfaces 

Adding in reflective surfaces will not only brighten up your room but it can also make it appear larger. Decorative mirrors to reflect a view or an outdoor vista are a great way to introduce light and natural elements into the home. Add accessories in copper or metallic finishes that complement your wall colour and furnishings. All of these elements will reflect light and add a sense of brightness to your room.

3) Lighting

In the summer months we tend to rely more on natural light to brighten our homes. During the winter months, we need to add extra lighting sources to provide warmth and light to living space. Layer your lighting with combinations of floor and table lamps to add a soft, warm light source to your living areas.  Place your lighting in dark corners, or areas that you need a light source such as above study desks. Candles are also a beautiful addition to your winter room – they instantly add a sense of warmth and they have the added benefit of providing a gorgeous fragrance.   

4) Add a splash of colour 

Colour can have such a powerful effect on the feel of a room. It’s an easy way to instantly brighten up and add warmth to a space that is feeling dark and cold. Adding colour doesn’t have to involve painting your walls, although that will have a dramatic and instant effect. It can be as simple as choosing a warm, bright palette and introducing it through accessories, or even painting up old furniture in pops of colour. Choose from shades of citrus, lush tropical greens and blues or pretty pinks and deep purple. Look at some of the incredible wallpaper and fabric designs that are available. If you don’t want to commit to an upholstery job, or wallpapering, simply buy a smaller amount and use it as wall art. This is a very inexpensive way of adding colour and lifting a room when the seasons change. 

5) Add a rug

Add a big rug into your living space this winter. Not only will it make the space appear warmer and brighter, it will also allow you to define the space that you want to spend time in. This might be your main seating area, the area around a fireplace, or even your dining area. Choose a rug that has some texture to it, and if you are feeling bold, add a pattern or colour. A rug has the ability to create not only a visual feature but also a lovely feeling of warmth and snugness to your winter room.

6) Try layering
Add an extra layer of comfort and warmth to your home in the cooler months with layers of textiles. Cushions, throws and upholstered pieces all make a room feel more luxurious and inviting. Use warm, lush textures and choose colours that will brighten up your room. Experiment with mixing different patterns and scales of pattern in your accessories. Choose a palette of around three or four colours to base your scheme on and then add in neutrals and textural pieces to even it out.

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