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Room To Grow

Bev Mackenzie

Living areas take a pounding and kids can quickly outgrow baby pastels or the neon brights of their bedroom.  So, is it really worth buying that beautiful linen sofa, when there’ll be sticky little hands all over it, or, will it end up being hidden under a cheap throw? Will the pretty pastel furniture in the kids’ bedrooms soon end up on the council collection heap or advertised on Gumtree?

If these are some of your dilemmas, here’s some reassurance that there are options beyond leather sofas in the living room or plastic kids furniture in the bedrooms.  Have you thought about using outdoor furniture, indoors? Here are three great reasons to consider it: 

It’s extremely durable: built to withstand the elements, outdoor pieces typically have strong frames made from aluminum or metal or hardwood.  Much stronger than those of most indoor chairs or sofas, outdoor pieces are really up to the  job of being treated as a climbing frame or jumping castle. It’s also lightweight so no heavy pushing and shoving when vacuuming. Plus it’s easy to keep clean:  with modern ‘polypropylene or resin based wickers, and of course metal, you simply wipe down. So the occasional drink spill or even nappy leak is no longer a headache.  There is no need for expensive upholstery cleaning; unattractive sofa covers or leather that might not be the right fit for your decor style.

All pretty good things to keep a home running smoothly! Even better, the ‘look’ and comfort of outdoor furniture has come a long way. There are all sorts of styles and colours that adapt perfectly to indoor decor: pretty wicker sofas that look just as good in the living room as they do on the lawn.  And lovely pastel colours for dreamy kids bedrooms.

When the kids are older and you’re ready for that linen sofa, you’ll still have a great piece of outdoor furniture for the verandah or a quiet corner of your garden. You’ll probably be needing a comfortable spot to relax in whilst you keep a watchful eye on what your kids are up to.

And what to do with kiddy sized furniture that you may have used indoors? Well, that can also be repurposed. Most kiddy tables are the same height as an ‘adult’ coffee table – so if you choose your colours carefully, you’ll have a great patio coffee table once the kids no longer need it.  Kiddy sized stools also make great little pot plants stands. 

Bev Mackenzie runs Petite Retreat Outdoor Living which sells outdoor furniture and accessories ideally suited to small spaces. Shop3, 5 Spit Rd, Mosman 2088,

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