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Style Tips 101


Wanting to refresh your home and not spend a small fortune? Successful decorating is all about being smart with what you have or thinking outside the square to achieve an individual look.


Here are some simple hints and tips to create a new environment on a limited budget and with minimal fuss:


1. Create with Paint


Before you discard a piece of old furniture, think about whether it could be covered, painted or possibly used in another way.


Old wooden chairs can easily transform into a statement piece with a simple sanding and then a coat of vibrant yellow or rich red paint. Kitchen cupboards can be transformed from drab to fab with a coat of paint. An old wardrobe can be revived from the brink of despair with a simple lick of paint.


For something really different, try Murobonds The Society Inc chalkboard paints in a range of unique colours. Forget the traditional green school chalkboards, these colours are diverse and certainly have the wow factor.


From the rich terracotta hue Dragonfly to the sophistication of grey with Ship Chandler, why not incorporate some playfulness into your home and liven up a boring hallway with a chalkboard wall? Painting is definitely still the easiest and most cost effective way to transform an environment.


2. Tactile Textiles


Fabric is another easy way to revive an old chair, update a boring lounge with some bold and bright cushions or simply stretch over a piece of canvas for an instant piece of art. IKEA has some beautiful fabric starting from as little as $9.99 per metre. From simple spots and stripes to swirls and floral prints, the only limitation is your imagination so grab your sewing machine and get going.


3. Fancy up Flooring


You may be pleasantly surprised to find old floorboards underneath lino or carpet waiting to be released from the 1960s and given a good polish. Alternatively, if your carpet or flooring is looking a bit worse for wear add a rug to glam up a room. Reproduction oriental and Persian rugs add a lot of colour for a little amount of money. Shag rugs add texture and a soft feel underfoot whilst sisal rugs can offer tranquil colours and durability.


4. Simple Styling


Creating a look certainly doesn't need to mean buying the latest designer accessories. Often the most visually attractive pieces in a room are those that tell a story or have been put together with some imagination.


Readily available glass storage jars from discount stores can look sensational and be used in a number of different ways. Fill them with water and add a couple of drops of different food colouring colours to each of them for a bright and cheerful display. Alternatively, fill with items from the pantry such as cinnamon sticks, kidney beans or rice for a look that will add instant colour and texture.


Glass jars filled with buttons, badges or little trinkets can add a kitsch feel to a space. Don't be afraid to display pieces you love or that tell a story, however be careful not to create a clutter-filled environment – use sideboards and mantle-pieces like your own personal gallery. Rather than trying to cram everything you own onto them all the time, rotate the pieces on a monthly basis.


5. A Green Scene


Constantly buying fresh flowers is a luxury most people cant afford. Why not simply buy some green leaves and arrange them as you would a bunch of flowers? Not only are they cheaper but they last significantly longer and instantly inject a breath of fresh air into a space. Mix and match different styles of leaves for an individual look.


Remember: always be true to yourself when decorating. Surround yourself with pieces you love rather than making your home look like it has stepped out of an interiors catalogue. Individuality is the key!


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July, 2011




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