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What's new at the Builders?

The newest, and possibly most important feature of the completed renovations is the installation of our new glass lift. This has replaced the old chair lift and has been a welcome change for those who have used the lift thus far. This offers a far greater degree of access to our function clients, and we are now able to welcome members and guests who had difficulty accessing the function rooms via the stairs.

And the new Brasserie?

We have restructured the internal layout of the Fisher Road side of The Club to deliver a unique living Green Wall and new comfortable lounge area. The renovation also included a complete renewal of all dining furniture to deliver the newest and best Brasserie in Dee Why. It’s now so comfortable, that people are enjoying a longer dining experience. The revitalised Brasserie menu offers a range of succulent temptations, to take your tastebuds on a once in a lifetime gastronomic experience. The daily member specials that we offer are unbeatable in terms of value and quality.

Free darts and snooker are here to stay...

The Builders Club is one of the few remaining clubs to have both a full-size snooker table and four competition darts boards available. The Club fields strong snooker and darts teams that are always welcoming of new members. There is also a Summer Swimming Club that meets at Dee Why Beach Pool every Sunday morning, plus a Golf Club that tours the local and regional courses once a month.

The Builders Club has regular weekly promotions open to all members and their guests.

 • Members badge draw on the first and third Tuesday of each month

 • APL Poker every Tuesday and Friday evening

 • Bingo every Wednesday morning

 • Raffles and trivia every Thursday evenings

 • Live music on Saturday nights



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