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How do I get Paid for the Deal?


To further understand how you get paid and when...

An interim payment will be paid after the Deal has ended, (A deal is live for 49 days). The Merchant will receive 80% of the value of ALL vouchers purchased, less transaction fees. We do not take any commission here at Think Local. (Note, if no vouchers are purchased then no payment will be made).

Seven days after the voucher validity period has ended and the voucher has expired, the balance of any monies owed (the remaining 20%) will be deposited into the Merchant's bank account - at this point the Merchant will have received 100% of the revenue generated by the respective Deal.

The Merchant is not required to send us (Think Local) the voucher numbers.


  • Amounts paid to the merchant will always be adjusted to account for transaction fees, any monies already paid out to the Merchant and any monies refunded to the purchaser.
  • A Deals Summary statement will be forwarded electronically regardless of whether any monies have been paid.
  • The voucher validity period ends five weeks after your Deal ended. It provides the consumer with sufficient time to use the voucher.


Where will I find the 10 digit Voucher Code?

Consumers will purchase your Deal on Think Local. The Consumer will receive a voucher from us displaying payment and a 10 digit voucher code. The Consumer will present the voucher to you to redeem the Deal. We no longer require this voucher to be sent to us.

Note, for your own records we suggest that you keep the vouchers for each Deal so that you can keep track of redemption.

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