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    Back in 2000 I saw Google and knew marketing was  going to change the world," declares brilliant Blue CEO Deb Jeffreys. "And I wanted to be part of it." As a result, the busy vet relinquished her stethoscope for SEO, ROI and algorithms eight years ago and founded BBIM, delivering digital marketing solutions to more than 100 local businesses, including Windcraft, Qu Yoga and Envirotecture.

    Deb, North Shore mum to 17-year-old daughter Leah and has three step-daughters, Stephanie, 21, Bianca, 19 and Danielle, 13, says she has set up a myriad of roles for parents who can happily blend work and family life.

     "I've built this business on flexible working," she adds. "The best thing I ever did for my daughter was give up being a vet when Leah was about eight. I always thought kids needed you more when they are toddlers, but I now believe with teenagers, you need to be around when they want to talk - as if you're not available, they can clam up again in a few hours. It's very important to keep those lines of communication open."

    When it comes to communication, Deb is a natural and last year balanced her busy work load and family with writing a book, called The Contented Website, to help business owners understand the digital world. “I can't say it was a lot of fun," she laughs. “It was blood, sweat and tears but I'm a worker - I work hard and don't watch TV. I broke it down to write a chapter a month, and just sat up night and did it.

"Digital marketing is the future of marketing. It's the most cost effective way to market yourself online. Most companies sell you website without content but we write the content and, therefore, deliver a whole product that's going to work. "Business owners have no idea how to write content why would they? That's where we stand ourselves apart from the crowd thankfully." Despite her lofty achievements, Deb says when it comes to work, she's proudest of, "helping a whole bunch of mums to grow. Often an employer will say to working mums, need you full time or nothing' but they're missing out on good talent who don't want to spend 30-50 hours a week apart from their families. The right people are out there, you've just got to work with them." 

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