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After winning the trip of a lifetime to Berlin, the former Brit took the opportunity in early March to visit her mother and grandmother in Spain.

Two days later, she and her family found themselves confined to the house in stage five lockdowns.

“I just saw a lot of comfort in the fact that I was surrounded by my loved ones and that my granny, who’s 89, had us there to help her,” Lisa recalls.

“I got to thinking that this pandemic and the lockdown was inevitably going to get to Australia.

“I thought there has to be a way where we can help the people that need it the most. Not just during a pandemic, but also long into the future.”

And, so, the idea for One Another Community was born, an online platform matching those that need help with those only too ready to provide it.

“We know that loneliness is already an epidemic across Australia, so I wanted to create a tech platform that brought communities together via kindness,” Lisa explains.

After landing safe and sound back in Sydney, Lisa set about finding other likeminded professionals to help her with her dream. The results of which went beyond her wildest imaginations.

“Overnight, I had 50 highly skilled people reach out, from web designers, graphic designers, user experience professionals to marketing professionals, to help make my vision a reality free of charge,” she tells Peninsula Living.

“Ultimately, I think they wanted to find purpose among the madness.”

Their selfless work allowed Lisa to go live with her platform in a matter of months, with the soft launch held recently on her local Northern Beaches.

“It only went live a few weeks ago, and already 90 per cent of the platform’s registrations are based within the Northern Beaches.”

Now, users can log on to the platform and post requests for assistance, which show up as pink speech bubbles, or offer their help, which appears as black hands. 

Once someone accepts the request or offer, a chat is started up between the two parties to organise getting the task done.

Lisa says the platform has been widely embraced by the Peninsula community, with not-for-profits Community Northern Beaches and Goodwill Hunting Co. coming on board, along with local MP for Manly, James Griffin.

“He [Mr Griffin] wants to help raise awareness of it and also help us reach the community in any way that we can, which has been really humbling,” she says.

“Ever since I’ve moved here, I’ve noticed a real sense of community among the Northern Beaches, so it was a logical step for me to pilot in area.

“I’d already seen people offering assistance in times of need, and really just rallying around to help one another, so I knew locals would embrace it well.”

If you are interested in offering help, or if you need assistance, register for One Another Community at

Stephanie Aikins, Journalist, Peninsula Living Magazine

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