"It’s nothing more than a cover up"



Narrabeen ward councillor Rory Amon will call on Northern Beaches Council to appoint an independent investigator to examine the roll out of new bins, following allegations that the old bins were dumped in landfill.

According to Mr Amon, a whistleblower involved with Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre has provided photographic evidence and testimony that URM trucks are dumping between 10 to 60 reclaimed bins into landfill each day. This is despite Council communicating to ratepayers that 100 per cent of the old bins will be picked up and recycled by manufacturer SULO to create the new bins.

At 4pm on June 17, Mr Amon went public with the allegations via his Facebook page.

Council responded by 10pm that night with a statement declaring the bins entering landfill were likely the result of garbage truck hydraulic arms accidentally crushing or dropping bins into the truck during collection.

“Kimbriki has confirmed a one-off case where a few damaged bins from these trucks were inadvertently sent to landfill by a Kimbriki contractor,” the statement reads.

“This is not part of Council’s bin recycling program, which is progressing well.”

This claim was affirmed by statements made by Kimbriki and SULO. However, Cr Amon remains sceptical.

“In the space of 54 minutes of a business day, Council was able to conduct this ‘thorough’ investigation without having interviewed staff. That’s just completely false,” he says.

“Instead of taking the allegations seriously, they swept it under the carpet. It’s nothing more than a cover up.”

Upon the conclusion of the bin rollout, Cr Amon will urge Council to engage an independent investigator to assess whether legal action or a referral to Independent Commission Against Corruption should be made in response to the rollout issues.

“The mayor has to come clean and call for a proper investigation because the community have been deceived and what has gone on is unacceptable,” he maintains.


Stephanie Aikins

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