Leafy locales live longest


Gordon, Killara, and Pymble residents have the highest life expectancy in NSW, according to new national research.

A study by the Public Health Information Development Unit (PHIDU) at Torrens University has found where Australians live has a direct impact on their length of lifespan.

In NSW, the three upper North Shore suburbs had the highest median age at death in the state at 88 years.

This is together with other Northern Sydney suburbs Castle Hill, Cherrybrook (east), Glenhaven, Cromer, Collaroy and Narrabeen.

This is in comparison to the Sydney CBD including Haymarket and The Rocks, where the median age is just 67.

Professor John Glover, director of the PHIDU, says several factors come into play to determine life expectancy.

“Variations in the median age at death between suburbs are impacted by many factors including socioeconomic disadvantage, as influenced by unemployment, education, housing and income,” he said.

“Events like road traffic accidents among young people lower the median age, and the location of residential aged care facilities raise the median age.”

He says areas with socioeconomic disadvantage, such as those with high rates of homelessness and/or even limited medical facilities often recorded lower life expectancy.

“Socioeconomic disadvantage is clearly evident in the pattern of potential years of life lost across our capital cities,” Professor Glover continued.

At the other end of the spectrum, residents of more affluents suburbs – such as the North Shore – tend to live longer.

“They have good housing and make good choices about food and nutrition and diet.”

Stephanie Aikins

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