Lockdown brews tea-riffic idea


As the adage goes, necessity truly is the mother of invention. 

This is truth Narrabeen local Lara Davenport can certainly attest to. 

Unfortunately, Lara and her daughter, Zharna, were part of the 6.9 per cent of Mackellar residents that lost their jobs due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

“All of a sudden, parents were at home full time. So, overnight, I pretty much lost my nannying job and so did my daughter. 

“I’m 56, so there wasn’t a lot of options for me. I can’t change my career at this point. I thought, what am I going to do? How am I going to pay my bills?”

As nannies, Lara and Zharna had often discussed that children do not drink enough water. This sparked Lara’s winning brainchild – Australia’s first decaffeinated herbal teas for kids.

In six weeks, the women launched Tiny Tots Tea, a tea brand offering five child friendly teas designed to improve digestion, immunity, sleep, and overall wellbeing.

“It just wouldn’t have happened had coronavirus not happened. We were sitting there together in lockdown and I thought, ‘This is the time if ever there was that we have the time to do it.’”

Lara hopes the all organic and sugar free teas will help families bond during these difficult times.

“It’s a lovely social thing to do with a mother, or father, or brother or sister. Kids see their mums drinking tea all the time, and it just makes them feel involved,” she says.

“I remember having cups of tea with my grandmother and feeling like a really big girl because I could have a cup of tea with my nanna. Apart from the health benefits, it’s a lovely social coming together which is so important for families at this time."

Stephanie Aikins

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