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The revitalisation is expected to bring a wave of high-rise apartments with 1,400 units already approved. One of those sites has approval for a near 30m height increase. This is despite community protest and a pushback from North Sydney Council.

North Sydney Council director of city strategy, Joseph Hill tells Noah Shore Living 'North Sydney Council met with the Department of Planning and Environment and other councils in late July to discuss the DPE-initiated St Leonards Centre Strategic Review, which also covers Crows Nest.

  “Council has carried out in-depth consultation with the community in recent years and, using feedback from residents and businesses, developed strategic plans to facilitate growth while protecting the character of Crows Nest and its unique village-feeL.

   “In the DPE-led review, Council sees that Its role is to ensure our strategic plans and the wishes of the community are heard and respected. The terms of reference for the project have not yet been tabled, but we trust that when they are, the State Government will embrace a true collaborative partnership with all participating councils.”

The State Government is now conducting an investigation Into the planning of the two areas.

   Planning Minister Rob Stokes says the NSW Government is working with local councils on a strategic planning Investigation of the areas.

   “This investigation is ensuring that as these suburbs grow, the local community reaps the benefits of that growth with better transport, improved public facilities and high quality open space," he says.

    The Department of Planning and Environment has also approved a proposal to change planning controls at a site in Marshall Avenue to allow for more homes, office space and shops. The Department is working with Lane Cove, North Sydney and Willoughby Councils to investigate other ways to rejuvenate the area.

   A Special Infrastructure Contribution levied on new development will be considered to fund necessary infrastructure to support and provide new homes. Jobs and Public spaces in the future.

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