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Pressures of Modern Parenting






If you are feeling the pressures of being modern parenting, relax. There are many things that only parents can give their children. So stop fretting and enjoy being a parent—its the greatest job of all


Nowadays, there are countless books, experts and TV advertisements giving advice on how to be a parent and what children need to succeed in life. There is so much pressure on children to be able to get the best jobs and be fulfilled, that sometimes we look at ourselves and think we wont make it as a parent because we are too tired, too broke or just too busy.


So, if we are not perfect and cant be a super parent, according to current expectations, what can we do?


Remember that there are some major things that only parents can give their children, and these are the most important things in life—safety, manners, morals, spirituality, self-esteem, love and passion for life. Children will get lots of academically appropriate activities at kindergarten and school that will lead them into life as an adult, but parents are the best teachers of life-long values.


Giving your children manners, morals and a sense of spirituality will enable them to form relationships in the community and be accomplished members of society. Instilling values such as honesty and loyalty in your children should begin at a young age and extend into the school years.


Spiritual values, such as caring for other people, can begin when we put a Christmas present under the tree for someone who is not so fortunate as we are, or donate food to the schools Christmas hamper appeal. When it comes to manners, spirituality and morals, the most potent way to teach your children is to become a role model yourself.


Shower your children with love and admiration to build their self-esteem. Lots of warm touches, admiring glances and words to match will ensure success. Make more time in your day to do this, and avoid using negative words. Children who feel loved and admired from an early age are off to a great start in building self-esteem for life.


Keeping children safe at home and in the community can be achieved through common sense and by staying alert. Visit for lots of great ideas for the safety in the home. Other safety tips can be found at any Cancer Council shop or the state governments health website at


As for the passion for life … if you involve them in your passions, then they will become interested, too. There is nothing greater for a parent and child than to have an interest together that builds rapport between them. These can range from sport and cooking to hiking, singing, reading and stamp collecting. In short, any hobby or interest that can be shared and grown between the two of you.


Of course, no-one is going to thank you for the amazing parenting job you are doing. When your child becomes a teenager, she may yell “I hate you” as you make her change out of that mini dress with the neckline that reaches down to her navel. The people in the supermarket who watch as you drag your tantrumy little one out the door without those chocolate biscuits wont thank you either. As for your family and friends, they are often too busy getting on with their lives to notice whether youre doing a good job as a parent.


So you need to be happy in yourself with the quality of your parenting. Try not to become too guilty each time you dont match up to the ideals of the so-called experts. Be content with what you know you are doing right. Recognize that the love, admiration, manners, morals, spirituality and passions you bring to your family are more worthwhile than any parenting textbook.


Most of all, enjoy the fulfillment that only being a parent can bring—its the greatest job of all.





December, 2006




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